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  • No obligation
  • No interest
  • Repayment up to 12 months

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About DriveAwaySA

Most people do not realize how easy it is to use the value of an asset to unlock cash.

DriveAwaySA developed a safe way for their clients to pawn a car and still drive it. Clients can now conveniently apply from the comfort of their homes on their online platform. The online application is user-friendly and only requires basic personal information and vehicle details.

Improve your cash flow

Upon applying, clients have to decide what car they want to use to borrow money. DriveAway SA will then purchase the vehicle for a cash flow contribution amount. Clients can drive away with their vehicle by paying a manageable monthly lease fee which means they are, in a sense renting the car. They can repurchase the vehicle for the same cash flow contribution price they sold it for as soon as they are ready.

Pawn your vehicle in 5 simple steps

All you need to apply at DriveAway SA is a laptop or computer, vehicle information, and basic information about yourself.

  • Complete an obligation-free application form online. Some of the required information includes your name, contact details, vehicle make, model, mileage, year, and VIN.
  • After applying, clients receive a cash-flow contribution offer. No credit checks are required as this is not a loan application.
  • If the offer looks good, clients can now submit their documents for verification, whereafter DriveAway will set up a vehicle assessment and roadworthy test.
  • After the approval of the document and both assessments, it’s time to sign the agreement. As soon as the papers are signed, clients receive their cash-flow contribution payout.
  • Clients drive away with their vehicle, and as soon as they are ready in the future, they can buy the car for the same cash-flow contribution amount they received.

DriveAwaySA Services

Clients receive a minimum and maximum cash flow contribution offer based on their vehicle's current market value.

They choose an option that fits their cash flow needs, and after the vehicle inspection and roadworthy test,  they receive a final cash flow offer. DriveAway asks their clients for an orientation fee of only R5,750, which is deducted from the cash flow contribution amount.

DriveAway SA lease terms are for a maximum of 12 consecutive months. The agreement is month-month which means that clients can choose when the lease ends. At the end of each month, they can decide to either lease the car for another month or purchase the vehicle back.

Transparency is key

When clients decide to repurchase the car, they pay back the same cash flow amount they initially received- no interest charged. DriveAway SA asks for an R2000 administration fee to that amount, but they will indicate the total price on the contract with complete transparency.

Pawning a vehicle

DriveAway SA provides a unique service that allows clients to unlock the value of their assets. Anyone who has a fully paid-off asset in their name can use its value to borrow money. Upon applying, clients receive an offer to purchase the car, and if they accept, they essentially hand over the title of the vehicle as collateral.

What makes their service different from a loan is that the client can still drive the vehicle after selling the title as collateral. They are essentially renting the car for a manageable monthly fee until they are ready to repurchase it for the same amount they sold it for, with no added interest charged. Because it's not a loan, no credit checks are required, and no interest gets charged.

DriveAwaySA – Car Pawn

  • Loan Type Car Pawn
  • Repayment 1 month to 12 months
  • Decision 24 hours

Benefits of DriveAwaySA

  • No interest
  • Quick and easy services
  • No obligations

DriveAway SA provides top car deals, easy to manage terms, and transparent repurchase fees

After completing the online application form, clients receive their indication of the maximum and minimum cash flow contribution offer and monthly lease amounts within 1 -2 hours.

If they choose to pawn a car and submit the required documentation, DriveAway will complete the transaction within 24 hours. As soon as the contracts are signed, the final cash flow contribution amount gets transferred as immediate payment.

Requirements to pawn your car

  • Anyone who has full ownership of a vehicle can apply. Having ownership means it needs to be fully paid off and cannot be under finance.
  • The vehicle license must be current, and the vehicle itself cannot be older than 2010 nor have more than 220 000km on the speedometer.
  • The market trade price of the vehicle must be at least R85 000 at the time of applying.
  • As this is not a loan, clients won't have to do an affordability assessment nor a credit check.
  • The vehicle needs to pass the roadworthy test to be eligible.
  • Anyone situated in either the Western Cape, Gauteng, or KWazulu Natal can apply at DriveAway SA.
  • Clients need to have a cash flow amount of R40 000 or more.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Best service I have experienced in a long time! DriveAway inspected, test drove our car and gave us a great offer. We accepted, signed the contract, and they paid the deposit immediately into my ...

Dora L
— Cape Town —

July 2019

The service I received from DriveAway SA was excellent!. The application is easy to use, and you genuinely receive your funds as soon as you sign. My car was delivered to me the day after repaid...

Zanalee M
— Durban —

October 2020

I went to DriveAway SA over the weekend to sign my contract. The service was excellent! They answered all the questions we had and advised us on what would be the best offer. The consultants are ...

Cloete A
— Cape Town —

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  • 134 Princessvlei Rd, Diep River Cape Town Western Cape 7800 South Africa
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