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IZWE Loans is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP4560

About – IZWE Loans

Izwe Loans was set up in South Africa in 2004 opening its first branch in Pretoria, Gauteng. From that point forward, there has been an enduring and increased movement of branch openings, developing a world-class digital and cashless establishment.

We are proud to inform you that we now occupy 18 branches and have 400 permanent staff across the country. Izwe Loans are administered by qualified local management teams with operational central strategic support and professional skills from South Africa as well as Mauritius.

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In Zambia, Ghana and Kenya, the organizations are overseen by experienced nearby administration groups, with powerful focal backing from South Africa. We work as an enlisted miniaturized scale agent and make unsecured loans which as of now don't surpass R50, 000 with tenors up to 60 months. Our company has dispensed over R1 billion to date to more than 150,000 clients and this number is growing by the day, showing the experience and expertise of delivering a cost-effective and valuable aid to clients looking for short-term cash loans in the country and surrounding areas.

With the ability to assist clients with their specific financial needs, you don't need to look any further when needing loans, saving tips, financial assistance and a team of industry experts by your side.

Services – IZWE Loans

Izwe Loans offers clients short term loans of various proportions. With personal cash loans, quick cash and payday loans on hand, you can choose a smaller pay-day amount or a larger cash value, depending on what you may need the cash for.

Our helpful loan calculator can help you determine how much you need, and what the repayment amounts would be, as well as over what period of time. We also offer a unique online budgeting tool, to assist you in your budget planning. This helps clients not to spend more than what they can afford. A budget plan is the most ideal approach to deal with your accounts and monitor your costs.

We also offer an online consolidation tool

This technology helps to calculate the total of your debt obligations as one loan, and what you would pay off each month. This is ideal for when you have too much debt and cannot afford to repay the instalments. Having one loan consisting of all your little debts to pay off makes much more sense. You will also pay less each month!

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Summary of Services

  • FAST Cash Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans Online

IZWE Loans is financially savvy – We'll help you get a quick cash loan

Izwe Loans was set up in South Africa in 2004.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, there has been a persisting and expanded development of branch openings.

Izwe Loans offers many loan options

With personal cash loans, quick cash and payday loans by, you can pick a payday sum or a bigger cash loan depending on your circumstances and contingent upon what you might require the cash for. Our accommodating loan calculator can offer you some assistance with determining the amount you require, and what the repayments would be, and additionally over what timeframe.

We also offer an exceptional online budget planner, to help you in your financial planning and arranging. This helps customers not to spend more than what they can manage. A financial plan arrangement is the best way to deal with your accounts and screen your expenses.

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There is also a consolidating tool on the web that could be of further assistance, it calculates the total of your debt commitments as one loan, and what you would pay off every month.

This is perfect for when you have an excess of accounts and loans which you cannot afford by consolidating of all your little loan amounts makes life a lot easier and affordable because you only have to think of one repayment every month and you could possibly pay a little less on monthly repayments.

Quick cash solutions

Izwe Loans acts as financial support for those needing cash up to the amount of R50, 000 with repayment terms of up to 60 months. We have lent out over R1 billion to date to more than 150,000 customers and these numbers are increasing by the day, demonstrating the experience and mastery of this financially savvy and profitable guide to customers searching for quick loans in South Africa.

We have the capacity to help all South Africans with their money-related necessities plus you can get all the financial assistance you require in one spot. Izwe Loans welcomes you to apply for your quick loan today; we offer friendly, experienced and fast services to all that find themselves in somewhat of a cash-related pickle!

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