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Small Enterprise Finance Agency

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image of Small Enterprise Finance Agency

Small Enterprise Finance Agency is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP160

About – Small Enterprise Finance Agency

We have been operating in the credit application business since 2012.

To date, we have never stopped going out of our way to help customers with short term loans.

A lender you can trust

We amalgamated with Khula Enterprise Finance Ltd. And decided to form one big happy family. We took control over small operations such as commercial finance services to grow to become a reputable financial provider nationwide. We are always looking for productive ways to help fight unemployment and poverty and this was one way of going about it. At this present moment, we have more than 9 branches working tirelessly to provide a financial service.

Services – Small Enterprise Finance Agency

The short term cash loan that we offer is for existing and upcoming businesses that generally need a financial push during a tough time. However, there are no restrictions, everybody can apply.

There are always things you going to need for your business to stand out and to beat the rivalry. This could be anything from the right machinery to human resources.

Business loans

In order to qualify for the credit facility, you have to be an existing customer with one of our loan providers. Our primary focus is providing finance only for business because we know how stressful it must be to start a vision with little to no financial support. However, when we help you a little bit, you will surprise how much more you can achieve.

Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • BRIDGING Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans

SEFA strives to help you get the loan you need in the quickest time

If you want the brand you are building to expand, you have to learn how to manage your cash flow. If you know that this is not your biggest ability, you might have to get somebody who does.

Make use of our review and find out whether you can afford our financial deals or not. We are more concerned with assisting small businesses because we know that they usually need a solid foundation in the beginning. In essence, we are one of the most reliable micro lenders you can partner with.

Our agents are not only professional but they are willing to help you get ahead with acquiring a loan for your enterprise.

Bridging loans

Should you meet our credit requirements, the loan will be made available to your convenience. The primary objective of bridging loans is to assist people who want to improve their cash flow. It is important to ensure that you can afford the credit plan that you are applying for. The maximum amount to pay the loan is a year.

Short-term loans

On the other hand, we have short term loans which will make it easier for you to adjust your business with the right machinery and equipment to give you a step in the right direction. The repayment term for this loan ranges from a year to 5 years. The quicker you finish paying the credit plan, the better for you and fewer debts to worry about.

Available to any business person who meets our loan criteria

There is a wrong misconception that only reputable businesses can get finance. This is not the case, new companies can also get loans. The fact that we don’t do online applications shouldn’t worry you, we have over 9 offices countrywide for you to come in and apply. At the end of the day, we are more interested in small enterprises. After you have applied and met our criteria, you will realize that our credit agreement is not only reasonable but affordable too.

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Eco Fusion 5, 1004 Witch-Hazel Ave, Eco-Park Estate, Centurion, Gauteng, 0144, South Africa
Ph: 012 748 9600 / 011 403 1761
Fx: 086 605 8672
Em: helpline@sefa.org.za

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