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About Angel Investment Network

Angel Investment Network was founded in London in 2004 and has been connecting entrepreneurs and investors ever since.

After major success in the UK, they currently offer their services in over 80 countries all over the world providing both businesses and investors with even more and better opportunities. Angel investments could possibly be the perfect solution for a business that's not been established but enough that they're past the start-up phase, however, it's still early enough in the game that a business loan is needed to develop a product or the funding of a marketing strategy.

Easy access to finance

South African entrepreneurs have always had difficulties finding finance due to the lengthy analysis that banks carry out and the lack of guarantee that loans will be granted. In this situation, Angel Investment Network together with Venture Capital Funds has come to the assistance of financing local businesses.

Numerous companies receiving angel investments already have some revenue, however, they do need some cash to boost the enterprise to the next level. Not only can an angel investor offer this, but they might become an important supporter. Since it’s their money on the line, they'll be moved to see your business flourish.

They provide easy access to finance with the expected return on investment between 10 and 30%.

Angel Investment Network Services

With networking, you'll have a broader view of the business world and use this to your advantage.

Angel Investment Network provides complete analytics assistance to entrepreneurs and investors. It connects a single entrepreneur to a large number of investors and vice versa in order to provide the best opportunities for profit to both parties.

Business plan development

With Angel Investment Network, entrepreneurs will receive comprehensive information and advice on all areas of business from business plan development and financing to marketing. When you start with the right plan, the growth is guaranteed. The network helps investors to analyse and compare investment options from different entrepreneurs. It's all about making a dependable forecast of the future development of the business.

They can assist you with the finance you need

You're just starting a new business or you have a brilliant idea which can bring you massive profit, but you don't have sufficient cash for financing. One option for getting financing is to work with an angel investor.

Contact Angel Investment Network business loans today to find out whether these personal loans can be a solution for you.

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Benefits of Angel Investment Network

  • Start-up business loans
  • Investment opportunities
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Expanding your business? They have excellent financial solutions

They have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Angel Finance is an established and reliable intermediary bringing entrepreneurs and investors together.

They're based in London, but since they operate entirely online they cater to the needs of South African entrepreneurs from all over the world.

They're proud of their unique service

Angel Finance is actually not a lender and does not offer loans in the true sense of the word. Their job is to bring together entrepreneurs and people with ideas for making money and investors who are looking for profit. This means that you can obtain business finance in the form of investment. You will not have to place any collateral or pay interest. If you make a profit, you have to pay a dividend to the investor in the form of a share of the profit. Basically, the risk for you is virtually non-existent and this is the greatest benefit that you can hope for.

Their Network works very simply yet in a highly efficient way. You go online and create a profile on their website. This enables you to submit investment proposals. Investors who participate in the network can view them and contact you if they're interested.

How good is the Angel Investment Network?

Angel Investment is established and has already matched a lot of businesses with investors. Both individual and institutional investors make use of them, but they look for profit and not for helping others out. You can obtain between R100 000 and R100 million.

They don't charge fees, even though they offer a free trial option. Angel Investment charges R999 for a listing period of 90 days and a set of services. However, they do have a refund policy in place that caters for unsatisfied customers. Their fees are suitable given the opportunities available.

South African Angel Investment Network offers great opportunities for businesses and individual entrepreneurs so if they’ve caught your attention and you have an idea to make some money why not get listed on their website as soon as possible?

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

The application is super easy and you can have it submitted really quickly if you follow all the instructions.

Michael E
— Cape Town —

June 2019

They have helped us to get the funding to start up our organisational and we couldn’t be more excited that there was a company that was willing to look after us..

Angie M
— Port Elizabeth —

April 2019

They have taken the time to contact us and help us understand what we will need for the company.

Don C
— Cape Town —

June 2019

We have never been helped so much with our business plan and with the company that raised funds to help us get started and we couldn’t be happier.

Kyle M
— Port Elizabeth —

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