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About – Auto Refin SA

Auto Refin vehicle finance are well known in SA for the refinancing of vehicles as well as for asset management.

We provide secure processes for our clients whilst saving them money throughout their search to getting a new or used car. Vehicle finance can often be a tedious requirement, with a lot of thought going into which providers to make use of, and which providers will offer affordable car loans.

Here is our solution!

We have narrowed those concerns for our clients, and comprised a service delivery with quality control measures, security, support and of course, deals that are highly competitive in the market. We care for our clients, as well as their budget. Keeping these key benefits in mind, our clients never sacrifice the quality of the service they receive.

Highly experienced staff

Our staff are highly trained in the industry, offering a highly experienced overall service from beginning to end. We have assisted thousands of clients every year, in receiving the best possible finance opportunities and loan comparison.

Since 2009, we have paved the way to vehicle finance options, and only get bigger and stronger in the market as we go along.

Services – Auto Refin SA

We understand that our clients lives need the affordable car finance available.

Paying off a vehicle can be costly, and when we have fixed repayment terms in place, we often feel a little trapped in the exceedingly high costs we need to keep up to each month.

Minimise car payments

What our clients aren’t always aware of is that there is a way to minimise those monthly car repayments.

By refinancing your vehicle we can restructure your car loan amount so that you pay a lower instalment each month and be able to afford the finer things in life, or even better, be able to have your cash stretch through the month without being broke by the middle of it.

Restructure your monthly payments

High interest rates can add to the instalment fee, which can be exceptionally lower when you refinance. We can help you lower those repayments, and assist with restructuring your loan amount as well as lowering those interest rates so that you never have to battle with your finances any more.

Our experienced consultants will assist you with all the information you need to get back on track, and still drive the car you want.

Summary of Services

  • CAR Finance
  • BIKE Finance
  • TRAILER Finance
  • BOAT Finance

Auto Refin helps you get the car you want with the best vehicle finance options

We offer re-financing options that will save you money long term, and also allow you a restructuring of your car repayments in order to minimise the amount of money you are paying on interest.

Having the right processes and the right backing from an independent financing firm, can benefit you greatly is the plight to save those Rands. We can assist you throughout the entire process, through experience in the industry, and our positive outcomes with previous clients, to carry us and our clients further.

You are never alone when Auto Refin is at your side

If you currently own a vehicle, caravan or a boat, which is paid off in full, consider refinancing with the experts. Simply complete the online application form in order for us to get your personal particulars. We can then contact you and work with you in order to come to an agreed contract.

Our customer support is exceptional

We have a passion for what we do, which is helping people, and making life better in every way we can assist.

Lower your instalment

We will help you to afford your new, used or second vehicle with a lower interest and lower instalment.

To qualify is as simple as adhering to the following criteria:

  • Clients need a good credit score – we cannot assist clients who have judgements against them, or who are under debt review
  • Clients must have a valid South African driver’s license
  • Clients must be permanent residents of South Africa, and must provide an ID document with their application
  • Clients must earn over R8 500 per month in order to apply

Easiest car finance process available

Each step of the application process is easier than you expect, our clients are always pleasantly surprised at what the outcomes are.

We have assisted thousands of happy drivers through the years, and we know we can change your financial outcome for the better with our refinancing options.

 Contact Details

32 Mercury St, Farrarmere, Benoni, 1501, South Africa
Ph: 010 594 0320
Fx: 086 531 8132

 Postal Address

P O Box 418, Benoni, 1500, South Africa

 Opening Hours

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