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About – Carfin

Carfin are well known in South Africa for vehicle finance.

Best possible financial solutions

We assist thousands of clients in the country with the affordability and access to the cash they need when wanting to buy a new or used car. We have the ability to do the simple math statistics on vehicle finance, which always work in favour of our clients.

By coming up with the best possible financial products, our customers always get more than what they expect of us.

Dynamic team behind the name

With a team of enthusiastic and competitive financial experts, we always try get you a better deal than what you could get anywhere else. We have strong relationships in place with the top financial providers in the country, to ensure our clients are backed with the short term loan they need to purchase the vehicle they want.

Additional services available

More than just a car finance provider; we also assist clients with roadworthy certifications on their new or used cars and follow through with our services from beginning to end of our client’s journey to getting a car. Our services provide clients with fast, friendly and successful applications, with quick turnaround times, and convenience throughout our service delivery.

As the experts in vehicle finance, you can count on us.

Services – Carfin

Looking for a reliable and simple process in getting a new or used vehicle?

Pre-approved loans in 15 minutes

Ease and convenience for clients to get access to an online loan that will help them get the wheels they really want is our purpose. We can approve your car loan in under 15 minutes to allow you the opportunity to get on the search for the car you like, and secure the purchase the very same day.

You have access to a convenient online application form, to save you time and hours away from your busy day.

You will get the support you need

Not only do we provide the car finance you need but we also provide helpful financial advice and support to clients, with a team of vehicle finance professional on board. We can guide you to the right direction, assist with questions and queries in regards to buying a vehicle, and offer any assistance you need that works in line with our finance services.

Same day approvals

Once your application has been submitted, a credit check will follow to define what your affordability is, and what amount of finance we can potentially lend you.

Let us provide you with an outcome of your finance request the very same day, and work with you on going forward to the next step of your journey to purchasing a vehicle.

Summary of Services

  • Car finance
  • Bike finance
  • Vehicle loans
  • Re-financing

Carfin is your online gateway to getting the vehicle you want

Actively involved in supporting clients financially and through support and advice in the quest to getting a new or used vehicle.

Speedy loan applications

Because we work through online platforms, we are able to provide the speed of applications and approval quicker than our competitors in the market. We have direct partnerships with major banks in SA, allowing for quicker cash pay outs and faster pre-approval times. We will take your online loan application which takes a few minutes of your time, and do an evaluation on your profile.

Drive off with your new car

With this, we can offer you an amount, with the terms included for you to revise and sign if you agree to the contract. Once agreed, you already have the ability to go and look for the vehicle you want, and secure the car with the dealership or owner. We will work alongside you to get the payment of the vehicle made directly to the seller, and you can drive off in the new car you have just purchased.

No waiting on loans

We don’t believe in making our clients wait for something that is a necessity in their daily life. One major benefit of our services is that our clients always save on the purchase price, giving you even more reasons to get vehicle finance through Carfin. No more standing in long queues, no more providing of your entire bank history, no more signing of thousands of documents.

Applications are conveniently and quickly processed online

Carfin also assist clients with instant approvals on re-financing options, which allow you to get the most out of refinancing your vehicle when the time comes. This works in your favour when you need a little extra cash to cover your debts, to consolidate your debt like accounts and credit cards, or even to take a little vacation with the family. There is no end to the financial offering that Carfin will provide, to go the extra mile for each of our clients.

Apply online today, get the vehicle you want by the weekend, and have a financial partner to help you throughout your partnership with us.

 Contact Details

Untit 21 & 22, Lombardy Business Park, C/o Lynnwood Road and Cole Road, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0181, South Africa
Ph: 012 940 4394
Fx: 012 809 1933
Em: [email protected]

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 16:30
  • Thursday 08:00 – 16:30
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