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About – Gallardo Finance Corporation

Gallardo Finance Corporation specialises in the provision of vehicle finance up to R250 000 to clients who are ITC listed. We serve all people who have judgements or defaults and even those with garnishing orders on their salary.

Please keep in mind that not more than 4 listings are allowed. We offer excellent terms and conditions and a speedy service of the highest quality.

expect approval within just 72 hours

You can expect your personal loan to be approved within just 72 hours. The general application success rate is some 80% and 90% for government employees so you definitely stand a high chance of securing the finance which you require especially if you work for the South African government. You will not have to pay upfront fees. We have over 4500 satisfied customers.

Services – Gallardo Finance Corporation

You should take a closer look at the products and car loans that we offer. You can view all entries with the click of a button and get the detailed information which you require for making a buying decision. Currently, we have a special spring offer which you should not miss out on.

a special spring offer

The 2009 BMW 116i has a silver colour and features an exclusive package. It is in excellent condition. You will get full service history with BMW.

The top features of this luxury care include A/C, P/S, MF steering, ABS braking system, E/W and E/M and leather interior. The price is just R115 000 and it is not subject to negotiation.

The offer is valid for this monthly only so you'd better hurry.

Summary of Services

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans 
  • Vehicle Finance 
  • Motorbike Loans

Gallardo Finance Corporation - Can They Really Help Blacklisted People?

If you are blacklisted or there are other issues which prevent you from obtaining vehicle finance, what should you do? Read this review of the Gallardo Finance Corporation car loans to decide whether they will be able to help you out.

Gallardo Finance Corporation is a vehicle finance provider and car dealer as well. The company operates primarily in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town. However, their car loans are available nationwide. You can readily apply online for the fastest processing of your application. The company is one of the newest lenders in the market, but it has already earned good reputation and its clientele is growing. The lender is small, but perfectly reliable. It has over 4,500 customers.

Cars Accessible for Blacklisted People

The Gallardo car loans are designed especially for blacklisted people, those that have defaults and judgements against their name and those with garnishing orders on their salaries. Car finance is easily accessible to all prospect buyers who cannot access the products offered by the large banks.

You can expect competitive interest rates in comparison to what other lenders working with blacklisted have to offer. Still, it is natural for the rates to be higher than what the commercial banks have to offer given that the lender assumes a higher risk. There is room for negotiation, however, especially if you buy a car from Gallardo Finance Corporation as well.

The maximum loan amount is R250 000.

This is perfectly sufficient for a new car from a top brand. There is no minimum loan amount so you can use a loan to buy a very old or damaged car and repair it yourself. Another benefit of these car loans is the fairly quick approval. Once you fill in the online loan application form, you will receive a reply within 72 hours. You will not have to wait for weeks and miss a great car deal that you have found.

Applicants have a high success rate which is around 80% on average. If you work for the government, your chances are even better. As long as you have sufficient income to pay the monthly instalments, you can expect to get approved right away. Overall, the Gallardo Finance Corporation car loans are a beneficial solution for blacklisted individuals and ones with similar credit problems.

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