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We are specialists in motor loans and vehicle finance. Our customers rate our service highly because of its comprehensiveness and speed. You will find all the information which you require for making a loan and finance decision on our website. We have compared the different options for you so that you can make a choice straight away.

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We answer all your questions professionally and timely. With our speedy quote service, you are guaranteed to get the best deal on the market. Our service is based on expertise, experience and full dedication to our clients. Our business is based on integrity and full commitment to assisting South Africans with car finance.

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You should be fully aware of your options when it comes to vehicle finance. You can select from two main types of finance. These are hire purchase and residual purchase. Each of them has its own benefits and drawbacks so you need to compare the two options carefully.

the two types of rates 

Make sure that you base your comparison on your individual circumstances at the particular moment to make the right choice. Both of these options can have an interest rate which is either fixed or linked.

Compare the two types of car loan rates to find out which one will be more affordable and cost-efficient for you.

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  • Motor Loans 
  • Auto Financing
  • Personal Vehicle Loans 
  • Car Loans
  • Emergency Loans

Motor Loans - Car Loans Worth Taking Out

There are plenty of different products to select from when it comes to obtaining vehicle finance. You should definitely compare are many options as possible so that you can make the best choice. This review of the car loans available from Motor Loans will help you decide whether these particular products may be right for you. Motor Loans is an online service specialised in the provision of car loan quotes from different lenders. It has been around for quite some time and has proven its reliability. It can assist you greatly with comparison shopping.

online form for requesting quotes

The online loan application form for requesting quotes is simple, easy and quick to complete. Once you provide all details to the specialists, you will receive quotes within 24 hours. This makes the service quite fast but, it is far from the fastest in the market. Still, you can be certain that the quotes are perfectly reliable. You will not have to worry about choosing a deal and finding out that it is misleading or invalid.

hire purchase and residual purchase

One of the major benefits of using the car loans from Motor Loans is that they come in a great variety. You can select from hire purchase and residual purchase forms of finance. There are also loans with fixed and variable rates. You can get finance up to 100% of the sales price of the vehicle. You will not have to place a deposit if you have limited or no savings. There are no restrictions when it comes to the car purchase deal. You can obtain finance for buying a vehicle from a dealer or from a seller.

make the best choice of loan

Another benefit which you will get from using the service is expert assistance. You can use the thorough advice provided directly on the website of Motor Loans. You can also talk to one of their experts in person and to ask all questions which are important to you. The professional tips and directions on personal finance will most certainly help you make the best choice of loan. Overall, the car loans of Motor Loans evaluated in this review are among the most versatile and reliable which you can find. You will get expert assistance with everything you need and this is a major bonus.

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