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About – The Car Finance Company

With over five decades of experience, The Car Finance Company is one of the leaders in the industry. We provide the ideal finance solution to all car buyers irrespective of the car which they have chosen or their budget. If you want to buy a new or used vehicle, we are there to make this reality through our affordable personal loans.

excellent communication and flexibility

We started as a small company operating locally, but now we offer our services to all South Africans online. We have made everything even easier and simpler for our clients. At the same time, we have kept the personalised customer support service which has always made us stand our. You can expect full personal attention, excellent communication and flexibility when getting a car loan with us.

Services – The Car Finance Company

The Car Finance Company is a specialist in the provision of outsourced vehicle finance and insurance services to motor dealers. It offers private-to-private finance as well. We provide the best finance and insurance deals for sales by dealers and for sales between individuals, businesses and other organisations.

Sales to family members are covered as well.

CFC works with all types of new and used movable assets from cars and commercial vehicles to caravans. The online loan application is quick and easy. We provide a complete finance and insurance solution which matches your needs fully. The company has a dedicated and experienced team and boasts with over 50 years of experience. It works with customers from the whole of South Africa.

Summary of Services

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans 
  • Lifestyle Finance
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Motorbike Loans

The Car Finance Company - Beneficial Vehicle Finance

You are in search for the best car loan around, but it is certainly challenging to find, given the overwhelming number of products available in the South African market. Perhaps the best tactic is to evaluate what different providers have to offer and to compare your options carefully. Use this review of The Car Finance Company loans to decide whether they can be a good solution for you.

a registered provider

The Car Finance Company (CFC) is a registered provider of financial services. Its job is to provide car loans and car insurance to buyers. It is not an underwriter. It works like a broker who matches borrowers and lenders. The company is among the latest entrants in the industry, but it has managed to gain a good number of customers. It is completely trustworthy.

choose the most suitable option for you

You can select from CFC car loans for instalment sale finance and for lease sale finance. There is flexibility when it comes to the term of the personal loan. You can choose the most suitable option for you. The interest rates are competitive as the company works with a wide range of lenders. You can choose from loans with fixed and variable rates depending on how much risk you are willing to assume. Generally, the selection is quite good and you can expect to come across a very affordable deal.

This service will save you a lot of hassle.

CFC offers special private to private vehicle finance solutions and this is what makes it stand out among competitors. The service includes finding and applying for a loan on behalf of the client. The experts of the company will take care of the car inspection, the transfer of ownership, the payment to the seller and all other administrative tasks.

customised professional solutions

You will have to pay a fee for re-registration, administration and verification. It is R4750. There is a license fee as well. It is R1100. The cost of this service is not very low, but it is worth paying. In conclusion, the car loans of the Car Finance Company give you flexibility while being affordable and easy to use. There are customised professional solutions which are quite useful as well.

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5 Verbana Road, Glen Park, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, 3610, South Africa
Ph: 0861 1346 2623
Fx: 031 708 4089
Em: [email protected]

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