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About – Xcelsior Loans

Xcelsior assists South Africans with cash on a short term basis, when they need a little cash flow boost.

As an independent company, we are able to cut out the middle man, and offer better rates, better repayment terms and better service.

Putting customers first

We do not rely financially on partners or other credit providers in SA, so our clients benefit from working with a firm who make the final decisions. Our clients get the service delivery they can expect from a top quality service provider, with our clients best interest and needs at the forefront of our delivery every time.

Secured car loans

With extensive experience in assisting clients in getting short-term loans, within their budgetary means, we are a preferred lender. We borrow cash against your assets, including vehicles, motorbikes, boats etc. by using a secured loan, you can determine your own amount. The higher the value of your collateral, the higher the loan amount you qualify for.

Get the cash you need today

There is no need for an invasive credit check, or investigating into your personal life, we don’t make you wait hours or fill in paperwork.

With the security of your asset, we will be able to provide you with a quote or loan amount immediately, and you get a cash loan on the same day.

Services – Xcelsior Loans

Quick loans make life easier for those who have the collateral as security.

Approval in just 30 minutes

By putting up a valuable asset, such as your vehicle, we can assist you with a short term loan to the amount of value accordingly. We provide a quick decision on your application, and feedback on your approval within 30 minutes.

We know how life often gives us a bunch of account payments and bills to pay when we are completely broke. Often our pay checks barely cover our monthly expenses. If you have a vehicle, car, bike or boat that is worth a bit, we will store it in a facility, safely, until your loan is paid off in full.

It’s as simple as that

When you need a loan, use what valuable vehicles you have to act as collateral. At Xcelsior, we don’t provide vehicle finance; however, the cash that we borrow can be used towards your next vehicle, or even as a deposit. Any vehicles put down as collateral need to be paid off in full before storing at our facility.

Requirements to apply

The vehicle has to belong to the person who is borrowing the cash. If you cannot afford to repay your loan, or default on the repayments, we will take possession of your vehicle.

Summary of Services

  • QUICK loans
  • SHORT-TERM cash
  • PERSONAL loans
  • SECURED loans
  • VEHICLE loans
  • BAD CREDIT loans

Xcelsior for fast & seamless vehicle loans

All our clients are given complete security and privacy of their application through our company.

We treat every client with discretion throughout the entire lending process. We strive to provide a fast application process for every client. No paperwork, no credit checks, no waiting for your cash.

Loan application

Clients have many options to get finance quickly. With our lending services being accessible online or via telephone, clients have access to cash no matter where they are. Simply complete the quick and short application form and submit and we will inform you within 30 minutes if you are approved, and go forward with the next steps.

Loan assessment

The assessment of your loan application is a fast process. We don’t do credit checks or require bank statements or employee history. We make the entire process simple, as we understand when you need cash; you don’t have time to waste.

We determine the loans amount on offer to you, with the worth of the vehicle you provide as collateral. Our benchmark is usually 50% of the asset value. Whether is it a truck, caravan, car or bike, the worth will determine your loan. Bearing in mind, this vehicle needs to be paid in full on your side before using as collateral.

Loan approval

Upon approval of your application, provided you are happy with the repayment terms and the terms of contract, we will transfer your cash directly into your bank account to use as you please. We will store your collateral (vehicle) in our safe and secure storage facility once you have delivered it to us.

Repayment terms

Our clients are given options and choices when it comes to repaying their cash loans. We will determine your monthly repayment terms in line with the amount of cash you borrow. Once your loan is paid back in full, we will arrange for you to get your vehicle back.

 Contact Details

Building 2, Villebois Office Park, Cnr De Villebois & Jacques Streets, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0044, South Africa
Ph: 012 997 1062
Em: [email protected]

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 17:00
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