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About Pow Wow Loans

Pow Wow Loans are a reputable financial services provider in South Africa, offering financial support through consolidation loans, to cover all your debts.

When you feel that you're paying too much in debt repayments each month, you may start to feel the pinch in your bank account and may end up paying out more in debt than you can afford.

Live a debt-free life

Thinking ahead, getting debt-free, and having the ability to budget again, is a solution and they can help you. They've assisted thousands of clients throughout the years, with their consolidation loans, to cover all their debt and pay off only one instalment each month.

A solution that works

This method of clearing your debt has become very effective, as you only have one loan, one interest and one repayment to make. You'll be pleased to see that after one month of consolidating your debt, you'll have more cash at the end of the month, to use towards your daily living expenses.

Their consolidation loans are highly beneficial 

  • Reducing monthly debt repayments
  • Avoiding legal action from credit providers
  • Help you stay off the blacklisted list
  • Make one payment each month instead of multiple payments
  • Help you to avoid losing assets
  • No more harassing calls from creditors
  • Have more cash in your bank account each month
  • Get on the path to being debt-free

Pow Wow Loans Services

Pow Wow Loans can provide you with a loan that'll cover all your debt.

This loan can minimise the stress of not being able to afford all your monthly repayments on your existing debt.

Get rid of all your debt

You can get rid of all your little loans, online credit cards, store accounts and any other debt you've accumulated, and take out one consolidated loan to cover all of your debt. You'll end up only paying one reduced amount each month, with lower interest and not have to worry about your debt again. This immediately eliminates the calls from creditors asking for payments and the risk of getting judgements against your name.

They work with you to see what amount you're eligible for and propose an amount that could help you get out of debt for good.

Easy and flexible repayments

Their repayment structure is flexible and will be calculated in terms of what you earn, what amount you borrow, and what you can afford to pay back each month. Their goal is to get rid of all the debt that's draining your bank account each month and help you get on the road to being debt-free.

Let them help you!

Contact them today, and start living a stress-free life knowing that your finances are in order and you can create a budget for the things in life that actually matter. Pow Wow Loans will help you minimise your debt repayments. They provide an innovative online-based lending platform, offering clients in South Africa access to loan consolidation.

Pow Wow Loans – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Pow Wow Loans

  • Make one payment each month instead of multiple payments
  • Help you to avoid losing assets
  • No more harassing calls from creditors

Quick Consolidation Loans will help you minimise your debt repayments

They use simple and quick methods, to allow you a quick alternative to getting cash when you need it.

When you feel you're battling to repay all your online loans, credit cards and accounts each month, you may be in trouble and need a bit of assistance in getting rid of all your debt. By applying for a consolidation loan, you can pay off all your little debt and only pay one single instalment each month.

You'll immediately have a reduced payment arrangement, to allow you to live more comfortably, and allow you to budget better each month.

Complete the application form online

They'll need you to send them a copy of your ID book, recent payslip and three months' bank statements in order to process your application and verify your particulars. They'll assess your application, and see what amount of cash you qualify for.

They'll be in contact with you to discuss your loan agreement.

What's next?

If you agree to the amount they can offer you, then you can sign the documents and send them back. From there the cash will be transferred into your banking account, to use to consolidate your debt and pay off all your outstanding creditors.

Only one debt repayment every month

You'll have just one single payment to make each month on your loan and you'll find the amount to be exceedingly lower than what you were paying on your debt each month. So, the quicker you give them all the information they need, the quicker they can process your loan, and the quicker the cash goes into your account!

How quickly do you want to get out of debt?

Have more money to spend on things that matter each month because, with their consolidation loan you'll have more cash over each month than you ever imagined. Contact them now, apply for a loan and feel the feeling of financial freedom.

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Pow Wow Loans is a trusted & reliable provider of debt consolidation

In our review, Pow Wow Loans adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Credit Act, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Pow Wow Loans is a registered credit provider in South Africa: NCRCP11049

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

It is such a great sight to witness that there is still a credit provider that goes out of its way to ensure that customers are given the best loan products.

Sam L
— Sasolburg —

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