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Author MasterCard. Screenshot of MasterCard website. [Accessed September 1, 2021]

About MasterCard

At MasterCard, we believe in doing things that will positively reshape the digital economy so that everyone including individuals, financial institutions, governments, and businesses can attain their goals.

Whom does MasterCard serve?

MasterCard provides services for consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, the government and public sector, really large enterprises as well as banks and credit unions.

What’s MasterCard's purpose?

We believe in connecting people and organizations around the world to priceless possibilities with our technology that makes transactions safer, simpler, smarter, and accessible, enabling greater opportunities for everyone.

MasterCard corporate strength

MasterCard is dedicated to delivering value to consumers, businesses, and shareholders as well as a constant commitment to company growth.


MasterCard Services

MasterCard offers our consumers not only the best deals but world-class security.

Whether you’re paying online, in-store, via mobile, or wearable, MasterCard provides valuable security benefits to help keep you protected.

MasterCard offers more than just a promise

MasterCard offers cards for all businesses. Whatever the size of your business, we provide different products and programs to assist you to manage whatever you need - from purchasing to T&E to payroll and more.

We provide the tools, resources, and programs businesses need to track and manage expenses while improving compliance and security.

The power of bringing people together

The fact that we can connect individuals, businesses and organizations in more than 210 countries and territories today, gives us the power to unlock opportunities for more people in more places for more generations to come.

MasterCard – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards

Benefits of MasterCard

  • Mastercard makes travel easy
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Simple application process

MasterCard, we are all about unlocking possibilities

For over 50 years, MasterCard has been transforming how people pay and get paid. Through our commitment to innovation, we’ve supported growing businesses, improved consumer payments, and advanced a more inclusive financial system around the globe.

Because of our breakthroughs, we power one of the world’s fastest payment processing networks to make transactions faster, easier, more accessible, and more secure.

Diligently serving the public

Working alongside MasterCard to change from paper-based to electronic payments, governments are ready to create significant cost savings and improve efficiency while making sure there’s financial inclusion for all.

  • We’re set on improving the delivery of social benefits
  • Promoting financial inclusion by leveraging the products and programs that help empower underserved citizens.
  • Fight corruption by minimizing your reliance on cash and the temptation that dealing with cash creates.
  • Combat sms fraud and minimize errors so you can safely disburse payments using debit and credit cards.

We offer a range of public sector solutions that will be implemented on any scale - be it local and municipal programs to state and national programs that address the variability of payment flow that matters most to the government.

We believe in giving back, to make a real difference

Three areas that we are mainly focused on are the environment, social standing, and those that govern these areas.

MasterCard has always believed in contributing to a sustainable future in everything we do, every day. Our global efforts involve advancing corporate sustainability programs, as well as conducting business in an open and transparent way and promoting environmental stewardship in our business and beyond.

  • Environmental - We look at environmental stewardship as a responsibility to manage our footprint. It’s also an opportunity to contribute to solutions that go beyond our business and hopefully solve some of the world's biggest challenges.
  • Social - As a part of our commitment to being a permanent global force, advancing social sustainability in every aspect of our workforce, partnerships, services, and products are what we excel in.
  • Governance - Embedded in our core values and daily work is ethics and responsibility. With our independent board structure and robust risk management guiding us in maintaining the highest business standards, we believe our work becomes a lot more effective.

Benefits of paying electronically

Tap and go: Contactless payments mean you don’t need to hand your debit or credit card to anyone. All you do is simply hold your card or digital wallet to the payment terminal for better speed, safety, and cleanliness.

Online payments: Shopping online allows you to access what you need without ever having to leave your home. With our technology, we keep your information safe and secure so that you can enjoy a quick and smooth experience.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2019

MasterCard has given me the freedom to grow my business the way I wanted it to.

Hendrick J
— Johannesburg —

August 2019

I am so grateful for the opportunity given by MasterCard to start my small business with their much-needed technology.

Marie S
— Sandton —

April 2019

With a MasterCard, there is no limit to where you can go and what you can buy.

Sandra R
— Belville —

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