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Diamond Bank

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About – Diamond Bank

Diamond Bank has been dealing with online loans for a number of years.

To date, we have never had customers complaining about our level of service because we go out of our way to ensure that our clients have everything they have in terms of information and an above level financial service.

Credited for ultimate greatness

When you prioritize exceptional financial service, you do everything you can to ensure that you get it so that you never disappoint the people you work so tirelessly to impress, your clients. This is what we did as a bank and it earned us an A rating.

Services – Diamond Bank

The fact that our credit cards have so many advantages means that you as the client will always have the control.

After all, it is your credit card so you have to do what is best for you and for your money. Our benefits include travel discounts and eat out packages as well.

Family will always come first

Travel insurance will not only cater to you as the cardholder, but your family will also reap in the rewards. This is because family is just as important to us at Diamond Bank.

How do I ensure that I am covered?

The fact that customers can make use of money management tools means that your credit cards will always be reflecting positive figures.

Summary of Services

  • CREDIT Cards
  • DEBIT Cards
  • BANK Accounts

Apply for a credit card to simplify your finances & enjoy the extra added benefits

Get a credit card you can afford

It is important to remember that a credit card is not a necessity. If you are not going to afford, you don’t have to apply for it. However, if you are certain it won’t do any damage to your bank account, and then you can apply for it. Financial discipline is very important and it is only when you have realized your budget is not going to be compromised that you should apply for a credit card.

Do I qualify for interest?

It is rare to find a bank that wants you to relax and stop worrying about interest rates. Diamond Bank does exactly that, you are exempted from payment for a full 45 days. Yes, you heard us; you will not be liable to pay for the charges in your credit card for 45 days. The money that you usually use can be pay off something else. This is just another way of showing our clients how much we care for them and what we willing to do to meet them halfway.

So what will it be?

Pick your pick, will you choose Classic, Gold or Platinum? Always ensure that you pick a Credit card that is financially suitable for you. There is no need to get yourself in debts you won’t be able to pay for. It is better to do something that you can be able to account for and still keep your credit profile intact. The last thing you need is be in arrears over a debt you could have avoided from the onset. Let us help you get better credit at Diamond Bank, one you will be able to account for without falling short on your monthly expenses.

There is no reason to make life difficult whereas your financial life can be made so much easier with a Diamond credit card. Let us help you get your things on track. Contact us today for a quote and we will see which one of our credit card options suits you best. We will do our best to ensure that you get yourself a deal you can be happy about. If you would like to set up an appointment with us, you are more than welcome.

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Ph: +234 700 300 0000 / +234-01-700-300-0000
Em: enquiries@diamondbank.com

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