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About – Debt Counselling SA

Debt Counselling South Africa is here to help you with your debts!

When you are at the point of feeling sheer despair at no longer being able to afford all your debt repayments, you have an alternate road to take - that of financial counselling.

Debt Counselling South Africa have years of experience in helping South Africans get their finances running in the right direction.

How we Help You Dump Debt Fast!

We assist clients with a restructuring of their accumulated debts and, create a new repayment amount on your credit cards, personal loans and accounts.

From 2007 the NCA promoted effective and accessible credit market legislation, clamping down on reckless lending in the country. This was put in place to protect consumers and the entire country from becoming bankrupt.

Debt Counselling SA - A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Unfortunately in today’s world, more than half of South Africans are in the same situation as you are. Debt can build up quickly since quick cash loans are freely available - promising all the bells and whistles but, not venting the attached risks.

The reality comes in when you realise you have more debt that you can afford to pay back each month, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel - Debt Counselling SA.

Debt Counselling South Africa has the experience and the legal force to assist clients to get out of the hole they're in, through expert debt counselling and, representation.

You can make the commitment today to get back your budget – take back your life!

Services – Debt Counselling SA

Debt is a nationwide problem – you are not alone!

With Debt Counsellors South Africa, you can eliminate all your debts by committing yourself to our simple process. We are not a lender; we will not give you another loan to add to your current financial problems. We offer you so much more! We will restructure a more affordable repayment plan for you, enabling you to pay a lower amount on a consolidated debt structure, so you can still afford to buy the necessities to live comfortably.

When Losing your Assests isn't an Option

The majority of clients find themselves in deeper water when they try take out another loan to cover their existing debts. This starts to build up and, eventually, clients find themselves unable to afford to pay their monthly instalments. At this point you may feel like there is no hope and you may find your home, vehicles and major assets will be the next in line to cover your debts. We have the solution that will eliminate these fears - debt counselling.

Take control of your debts!

Debt Counsellors South Africa will assist you with your consolidation loan application. We take stock of all your debts and, establish if you're truely over-indebted. We arrive at the outcome of your counselling needs by contacting all your creditors, and negotiating a new and, affordable repayment plan, for all these debts. We will do all the legal legwork for you. By appearing in court for you and getting a court order to keep your creditors at bay and inform them that you are under debt counselling or debt review.

This outcome all depends on how much your debt amount to; with a new budget and single instalment amount to pay each month, we will distribute the payments to all your creditors monthly.  At the end of your term, once all your debts are fully paid, you will receive a certificate for your creditors to reinstate your credit liability, clearing you of all judgements and blacklistings.

Summary of Services

  • Debt Counselling

Debt relief is in your reach with Debt Counselling SA!

In South Africa the National Credit Act protects consumers by guiding them to take initiative and align themselves with available debt counselling services in the country. This is to prevent consumers from reaching the point when legal action is taken against them and they lost all they own due to non-repayment of debts. When you feel you are at the point where you cannot afford to pay your monthly instalments on your personal loans, credit cards and other debts, you should take immediate action in contacting Debt Counsellors South Africa.

Do you qualify for Debt Counselling and Debt Review?

Anyone who is over their heads in debt can apply. We have a team of registered and qualified counsellors, all extremely experienced in the industry. Your debt counsellors will assist you in determining which category you fall into upon application.

There is debt counselling and debt review.

We have listed the differentiators of the two areas below:

  1. Debt Counselling
    Clients are equipped with a team of experienced counsellors who will assist from application through to the final debt repayment. They will do all the negotiations with your creditors to reduce your instalments and, arrange easier payment options. You do not have to be over-indebted to qualify for debt counselling. The overall result will be an easier and more affordable repayment plan on your existing accounts which include credit and store cards, personal loans and bad credit loans.
  2. Debt Review 
    This process is for clients who are over-indebted and can no longer afford to pay off their monthly instalments. The application process follows whereby your debt counsellor will negotiate better repayment terms with your creditors. We will appear in court on your behalf to get a court order to protect you from your creditors. At the end of your debt review process, once all your debts are paid up, you will receive a clearance certificate allowing you to re-instate your credit and get you out of being blacklisted.

What you need to know!

  • Should you be under debt review, your creditors cannot further institute legal action. You will be protected by the court order.
  • Once you have paid up your debt, you will no longer have blacklisted credit on your name
  • The National Payment Distribution Agency will distribute your monthly payment to all your creditors
  • Should you be under debt review, you may not apply for any credit during this time
  • Customised repayment time frames will be worked out for you

You will be able to save on your monthly instalments through a new, revised and negotiated instalment amount.

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