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About – Debt Relief Today

Debt Relief is here for you!

We understand the demanding and stressful situation you may be in. We understand the frustration of not being able to afford the monthly instalments on your debts. That's why, at Debt Relief Today, we have the solution to your financial worries. With overwhelming volumes of success stories over the years, we continue to bring debt relief to clients, who are struggling to pay all their debts at the end of each month, through our debt counselling services.

With us you can be assured you are receiving:

  • Professional and expert service from industry leaders
  • Ability to assist clients in 9 official South African languages
  • Efficient and quick settlement on your outstanding debts
  • Customised and lower fees
  • Privacy and discretion
  • Assistance when you need it
  • A mediator between you and your creditors
  • Simple online loan application process

With Debt Relief Today available to take care of all the negotiations with your creditors and restructure your payment schedule and budget, you will end up paying a smaller amount every month over an agreed term. Not only do you stay clear of judgements and creditors calls, you can become financially independent once more.

Debt Relief Today is your reliable, experienced and professional partner in claiming back your budget and consolidating your debt. We have a track record a mile long of customers we''ve cleared off the bad credit listing. We work in line with the regulations of the National Credit Act as applicable in South Africa.

Take charge of your budget, and commit to a partnership that will change your life.

Services – Debt Relief Today

With our dedicated team of professionals, we will take away the financial strains in your life and bring you safely to financial freedom through a flawless debt counselling process. This is a process of small steps, but the long term outcome will be worth it.

South Africans are one of the most indebted countries in the world - with a population of over 10 million people who are drowning in debts they cannot afford to pay back. This can lead to catastrophic outcomes of insolvency and bankruptcy.

We're Committed to Responsible Lending 

We offer legit and guaranteed outcomes in accordance to the regulations of the National Credit Act, giving you peace of mind and a brighter future – financially. Sign up with Debt Relief and relieve yourself from overwhelming debt.

The benefits of joining this team include:

  • You won’t have to borrow more money to pay off those debts that keep mounting up
  • You won’t be getting any more harassing phone calls from creditors
  • You won’t miss another payment on your accounts
  • You won’t receive any more judgements or summonses
  • You WILL be able to afford your monthly instalment every month

We will consolidate your debts, accounts, and outstanding credit card bills into one lump sum. We will negotiate with your creditors to secure a reduced instalment and, customise one monthly payment at a reduced rate. Affordable and reasonable!

You will now be able to afford to pay back your debts and, you won’t be stressed by creditors calling you for overdue payments.

Summary of Services

  • Professional Assistance from an Industry Leading Debt Counsellor
  • Assistance in all 9 Official South African Languages
  • Fast Settlement
  • Regulated Fees
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Real Financial Solutions


Getting Out of Debt with Debt Relief Today

Debt Relief will add relief back into your budget. When you've been struggling for months just to make the monthly payments on your accounts, we will consolidate your debts into one monthly instalment, which you will be able to afford. 

Benefits of choosing Debt Relief are:

  • You get efficient and experienced staff looking after your accounts and, providing you with expert debt counselling. With legal implications in this industry, there are many firms which are not registered with the National Credit regulating board, who cannot assist you in getting rid of legal obligations and claims. We do! Our staff have the experience in communicating with creditors on your behalf and, in ensuring all legal documentation, court orders and protection in place.

  • We settle your debts quickly and have a high client satisfaction rate – with years of successful financial restoration of client’s budgets behind us; we have the negotiating power to deal with your creditors, in order to get a better deal on your repayments. Getting your debt paid off quicker!

  • We negotiate better rates at no additional fees for our clients – there are no hidden or unexpected fees which will pop up. All the fees are included in your monthly instalment. Our rates are all in line with the National Credit Regulator.

  • We can assist you in any language – in South Africa, there are 11 official languages and our team are able to speak 9 of these languages, to ensure you know exactly what is going on.

  • We handle your profile with confidentiality – we understand that being in debt is a private matter. All your information is protected and handled with the utmost discretion.

  • We customise a solution best fit for your budget – we will tailor a financial plan for you, including all your debts, accounts, short-term loans and credit cards into one bundle, in which you pay only one monthly instalment.

  • We will handle the harassment from your creditors – you will no longer be getting annoying calls asking for payments. With an official court order in place, we will safeguard you from creditors, judgements and insolvency.

Get out of debt for good!

It’s easier than ever to apply for debt relief - provided that you are working full time and earning a monthly salary and have a South African ID. Just complete our simple application process, allowing us access to a list of all your creditors and amounts owing.

We will assess your financial situation and offer you a plan going forward. Simply stick to the minimal instalments we have created and negotiated for you and, once your term is completed, you will be re-instated with the credit bureaux and a certificate of clearance for your creditors.

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28 Newtown Street, Port Elizabeth, Newton Park 6055, South Africa
Ph: 087 702 6313
Fx: 086 2316620

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28 Newton Street, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa