When it comes to money, we more than often read or hear the words “financial tips” and “financial management”.

And let’s face it, we all have busy lives and sometimes money does affect us in a stressful way, and we know what happens then, especially if you are a woman – all we want to do is some “retail therapy”.

That is when the words “financial tips and management” are the last thing on our minds.

But the reality is that if we want an easy life without too much financial stress, we have to develop good and strong financial habits.

However if you might be thinking now that once you have good financial habits it is going to be real easy, or as they call it “plain-sailing”, you are slightly wrong.

Manage money the right way

By managing our money in the right way, it allows us to prepare and cope with the unexpected “blows” that life will throw at us – for example a burst geyser when you least expect it.

So how do you start to manage your money effectively?