The credit card – isn’t it just so easy to use, perhaps sometimes too easy?

A credit card can sometimes be a blessing (if you absolutely don’t have cash with you) and also a necessity (when you must use it to make a purchase where for some reason you need to pay with a card). One thing that we must understand 100% is the fact that with a credit card comes high interest rates, which you should be able to pay every month.

You often hear people say, that you should get rid of a credit card, but the truth is that it simply is not that easy.

So what if you feel that the responsibility of a credit card is too much for you to handle?

There is one thing you can do. Draw a set amount of cash at the ATM. Make that your spending money. Remember the saying that goes “when it is finished, it is finished”; keep that in mind when working with your spending cash.

There is a difference between swiping a credit card and working with “real” money in your hand.

The motivation you need to control your spending usually comes from working with ‘real” money.

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