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Mortgage Market

  • Pre-approval in 2 minutes
  • Low-interest starting from 5%
  • Repayment up to 30 years

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About Mortgage Market

Mortgage Market gives you the best home-buying experience through transparency, convenience, and choice.

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make. They’re here to help you make the most of it and get the best possible deal on your home loan.

Removing the guesswork from the equation

Buying a home can be a very exciting journey, but also a stressful one, especially when you’re not sure if the bank will approve you. To make the experience easy, they help you find out how much you can afford and arrange pre-approval before you start house-hunting.

With their Mortgage Market Pre-approval tool, they take the guesswork out of how much money the bank will lend you.

Shop for a home with confidence

When thinking about buying property, the first step should be to get a Mortgage Market pre-approval. This will give you the opportunity to shop with confidence, which is vital when dealing with estate agents and developers.

Easy calculations to help you budget

The website offers various calculators. These handy tools help calculate the exact cost of buying a home. It’s not only the actual cost of the home that you should take into consideration.

Mortgage Market Services

Mortgage Market is partnered with the leading South African credit bureau.

This means that they use the same credit data that all banks use when assessing the credibility of a home loan. You can be confident that the pre-approval will deliver accurate results.

Apply for pre-approval online

The internet affects the way people shop, socialise, and communicate. Most property searches are done online. You bank online. It's a natural step to apply for your pre-approval or home loan online as well.

You can fill out the application in the comfort of your own home. Quotes will be sent to you via your personal dashboard on their website. From here you can compare and review these quotes at a time that suits you best.

One application - lots of options

Mortgage Market gives you the power to compare mortgages to find a suitable home loan.

With one easy application, you get access to the top five banks from where you can select and compare the best deals. They’re partnered with Nedbank, ABSA, FNB and RMB.

Since they submit the applications on your behalf, it'll not have a negative impact on your credit score. They save you a lot of time and effort in the process as well.

Mortgage Market – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate 513% p/a
  • Repayment 15 years to 30 years
  • Decision 2 minutes

Benefits of Mortgage Market

  • Get pre-approval in 2 minutes
  • Pre-approval won't affect your credit score
  • Compare home loans

Pre-approval in 2 minutes when you complete their easy online loan application

This will not affect your credit score at all.

If you wish to apply for a loan you can do it all on their website. To submit your application for a home loan through Mortgage Market you’ll need a range of documents.

What you need to apply 

  • South African ID document
  • Latest payslip
  • 3 months’ bank statement
  • Signed Offer to Purchase for an existing property or a property from a developer

The application process 

  • Firstly, you need to create a profile on the website, where you’ll be asked to enter all the relevant information.
  • As soon as your application is submitted, you’ll start receiving offers from banks within 72 hours.
  • You can compare the offers on your dashboard and select the offer best suited for you. The bank will be notified of your choice and be in contact with you to finalise your home loan.
  • They’ll contact you to arrange payment for your Money Guarantee. The amount will be determined by the size of your home loan.

The application takes less than 30 minutes to complete. You can save your application at any time if you wish to continue later.

Calculators are available for:

  • Bond calculator: You can use this to calculate the amount of the home loan you qualify for.
  • Repayment calculator: This makes it easier to calculate your monthly repayments so you’re sure you’ll be able to afford the bond comfortably. Take note of the term of the loan as well.
  • Transfer cost calculator: Registration and transfer costs can be costly extra expense. It’s crucial to budget for these costs.
  • Deposit saving calculator: This helps you calculate how much you need to save in order to buy your dream home.
  • Amortisation calculator: You can calculate exactly how your payment will be structured.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

With a pre-approved bond, I was able to get a much better deal when buying my property. I had the confidence to negotiate.

Q Douglas
— Belville —

April 2020

When we decided to buy our first property it was a daunting thought. Applying to different banks and all the time and effort involved. Thanks to Mortgage Market it was an extremely effortless pro...

I Lewis
— Hermanus —

September 2019

Years ago when I bought my first house it took many months to secure a home loan. Stacks of documents. We decided to buy a holiday home and I was not looking forward to the prospect of applying f...

J Oosthuizen
— Seaview —

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