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About NHFC

The business was developed to give everyday people the ability to afford decent housing.

If your household earns between R1 500 and R15 000 per month then you fall into the gap market and you could qualify for better deals.

Normally people in this salary bracket would have their home loan applications declined by traditional banks but NHFC believes in giving everyone a fair chance.

Established in 1996 they found better ways to bring better housing solutions to the low-to-middle and middle-level income people of South Africa.

Their goals and values

The main goal and vision for the future is to bring affordable housing to everyone, especially previously disadvantaged people. Their strategic objectives hope to expand housing options and give you the choice between renting, building or buying your new dream home.

Funding your home loan

To qualify for funding you need to be a South African household that earns less than R15 000 per month and falls into one of the areas that they're currently developing.

Tackling the housing backlog

The gap between rich and poor South African citizens helps to increase the housing backlog as there are no affordable properties available for those earning a minimum income. Their company helps close this gap and build a better tomorrow.

There's a growing need to provide property finance to those wanting to purchase affordable housing. NHFC is a stepping stone to making that happen. Everyone dreams of owning their own home and now thanks to them that dream can become a reality.

NHFC Services

Providing affordable housing is their passion. Their aim is to help those seeking housing purchase their dream home with their home loans and related services.

Their rental housing offers include social rental and private rental.

Social Rental and what it entails

Social rental is a more affordable rental option and is provided by social housing developments or non-profit organisations. Institutions are paid a subsidy grant for community improvement. In addition to the grants, they also offer debt funding for up to 20 years to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Private rental accommodation

This type of accommodation is offered by private property owners that don’t receive grants or any funding. This type of housing is available in inner cities and often involves refurbished buildings.

Top up your housing loan

Once you've moved into your new home you may require additional funding in the form of a personal loan, you can top up your housing loan by up to R20 000 to help you pay for extra expenses. Extra expenses could include the following:

  • Funding required for building materials
  • Purchasing additional property
  • Servicing the land or paying for additional building works
  • To top up subsidy amounts given by the government

Their FLIPS (FINANCE LINKED INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMME) allow lower-income households earning between R3 501 and R15 000 per month the ability to apply for a housing subsidy from the Government to access more affordable housing options. Visit their website to find out if you qualify.

NHFC – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans

Benefits of NHFC

  • Servicing land or paying for additional building works
  • Top-up subsidy amounts by the government
  • Funding required for building materials
  • Purchasing additional property

They strive to make urban development their main focus

Their primary goal is to increase urban development and help close the gap between rich and poor South African citizens. The goal of urban development is to create affordable housing in areas where people work and there is not yet suitable housing available.

Developing urban areas leads to higher levels of employment, and allows for the improvement of service delivery including healthcare facilities, banks, public transport and emergency services.

20 years of changing lives and making a different

Their program has been making a huge difference in the lives of many disadvantaged South African citizens for over 20 years. In those years They've been able to accomplish a lot and they plan to grow even more in the future. They've partnered with NURCHA (National Development of human settlements and RHLF (Rural housing loan fund) to continue to develop affordable housing for everyone.

Joining forces to empower the people

DFI, NHFC, NURCHA and the Rural housing fund have joined forces to better serve the needs of the community. They now fall under a new group called the Department of Human Settlements. Combining their efforts allows them to create a greater impact. Their aim is to address a wide range of housing issues and find solutions to their current housing backlog. Their bridging loans help push urban development. Their partnership with the private sector helps build a more sustainable future and helps support the human development sector.

Their biggest achievements

Over the years they've made fantastic achievements including being granted R1 billion to address the housing needs of the Gap market and help those who can't get a home loan. They were able to sign a beneficial agreement with the European Investment Bank for R30 million. Their house-ownership project was launched by the Minister of Human Settlements and trusts for urban housing finance were established. In 2012 they were able to enter into a co-funding partnership with TUFH (Trust for Urban Housing Finance) to help improve access to affordable housing and use these partnerships for rural and social development projects. There is a great need to improve run-down buildings and for social development.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

The low-interest rates at GPF Mortgage are the reason why I recommend getting a home loan from GPF.

Nozulu M
— Umlazi —

June 2019

NHFC helped me buy my dream home, and with no hassle whatsoever.

Mncedisi M
— Port Elizabeth —

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