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About – Better Life

BetterLife Home Loans is one of the largest online search engine sites, enabling clients to access home loans in South Africa.

We have experience dating back of 15 years in the financial sector, with a clientele growing by the day. We have been able to secure relationships with top lenders in the country to provide the best and most affordable home loan packages for our clients.

We offer financial freedom

Our clients get to use our leverage through our suppliers and lenders to their advantage. We commit to helping our clients get a full service delivery, from application to moving into their new home. Our services cost you nothing! This is one of our biggest draw cards in the industry.

There is charge for using our site

We have a team of consultants within our firm, who are available to assist our clients with anything they may need to know in order to get a home loan.

They are extremely qualified to answer your questions, and can guide you into the right direction when it comes to laying out enormous amounts of cash to buy a home.

Finance your dreams today

Your dream home is only a few clicks away from being a reality.

Register online with BetterLife today, and open the door to a new adventure, that won’t cost you the earth.

Services – Better Life

Let us help you get a home loan fast, and with the best possible terms available.

Because we work closely and leverage off preferred lenders in the home loan industry, We don’t charge any fees for our services to our clients.

The bank settles on the rate, not BetterLife Home Loans.

Quickest home loans

A BetterLife Home Loans specialist will speed up your application to get the best rate for the best interest of our clients. We track the application for your sake; and verify the contract properly once the application has been submitted. We can have confirmation and an agreement in place for you within a 48 hour time frame.

The bank will "endorse" your advance in light of your supporting documentation and in addition on your record as a consumer.

Flexible terms and rates

Clients are given a repayment term of up to 30 years from the lending provider, to repay your home loan. Your instalments will be worked out accordingly, to ensure you can afford the repayment terms over the amount of time suggested in your contract.

BetterLife works on our client’s behalf, to get all the applications, paperwork and negotiations on your home loan sorted. We will secure the best interest rates we can find for you, as well as a loan amount that won’t leave you falling short each month.

Summary of Services

  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Insurance

BetterLife's home loan options with the most affordable terms

BetterLife Home Loans will help you take your decision to buy a home further.

This is not a small decision in life, finding a home that suits yours and your family’s needs can be a task on its own. Having to get finance for your dream home is where the adventure seems to begin.

This part of getting a home or property need not be a daunting task anymore.

There are so many reasons to sign up with BetterLife

Clients, who decide to partner with BetterLife, get a world of benefits and an exclusive home loan offer that will cover all your desired outcomes. We offer clients more than they expect throughout the home loan process, and you can rely on us from beginning-to-end to stand by you and guide you to the right direction that will not only add value to your life, but also to your budget.

What you get with BetterLife:

  • INSTANT PRE-APPROVAL on your home loan
    This will give you time to go looking for the house that is within the pre-approved home loan amount set out in our quote. It’s not easy trying to find a home without a benchmark figure to work with. You may find the perfect home, put down and offer, and not be approved for the amount your offered. Let us pre approve you first, so you can confidently search for your dream home in your price margin.
  • GET ADVICE from the home loan experts
    BetterLife are more than financial providers, we have intrinsic knowledge of the home industry, and can assist you and guide you towards the right path when looking for a home and to get property finance.
  • LET US do all the hard work for you
    Clients can better their chances of a higher pre-approval by letting BetterLife take the reins, and going through the home loan process for you. Let us do all the administration for you, and ease the burden off your shoulders. With our negotiating strength and leverage in the industry, we can get better deals for you.
  • OUR SERVICES are free
    We don’t charge our clients for our services. This is one of our biggest value adds. We believe that our service is part of our full delivery to our clients.

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Fusion Quarter, Waterford Place, Block 4, 1st Floor, Century Boulevard, Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441, South Africa
Ph: 021 555 4220

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