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About – Bond Busters

Bond Busters is a financial specialist that is dedicated to helping existing South African homeowners make full use of their property and save money over time. We will find the best interest rate in the market and make sure that you secure it. We make mortgage applications and remortgaging easy.

dedicated to serving our customers

We know that your property has great equity potential and will assist you with exploiting it. We can make your dream lifestyle a reality. We are fully dedicated to serving our customers and to helping them to keep costs down in the long term. Make full use of our service and it will pay off in more ways than one.

Services – Bond Busters

Bond Busters is here to compare all home loan and debt consolidation options for you and to give you the best possible deal there is. We are a fully independent brokerage company which provides services to South Africans from all walks of life.

comprehensive and affordable house finance

We will facilitate the most comprehensive and affordable house finance to help you become a property owner and get the lifestyle that you have always wanted. We can help you exploit existing equity that you have to get debt consolidation with lower interest rate which can be fixed as well. You can expect customer service of the highest quality and full personal attention.

Summary of Services

  • Home Loans
  • House Buying
  • First-time Investment
  • Home Financing 
  • First-time Home Buyer

Bond Busters Home Loans Review - Are They Worthwhile?

The choice of home finance options is quite large, but this may not make things easier, especially for buyers who do not have a particularly high income. In this situation, you will need an effective and reliable solution. This Bond Busters home loans review will help you decide whether these finance products can give you what you are looking for. Bond Busters is among the major independent mortgage brokers operating in South Africa. It works to find the most beneficial home loan for each individual customer.

The service is highly professional.

Our services are based on years of expertise. We are completely dedicated to the customer. The Bond Busters home loans are underwritten by the leading lenders in the country such as FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, and Absa Bank. The broker will help you outline your requirements based on analysis of your income, spending and savings. The professional will act as a financial advisor and this is highly beneficial, especially for those who do not have detailed understanding of finance.

perfectly affordable to you

When your requirements have been defined, the broker will compare different products and find the most suitable one for you. With Bond Busters, you can expect to obtain a home loan which has a highly competitive interest rate and which is perfectly affordable to you. One of the best things about working with this broker company is that they have a considerable bargaining power which they can use in your favour. Basically, they can negotiate even more favourable terms and conditions on your behalf.

attractive interest rates and terms and conditions

There are a few specifics about the loans offered by this broker. Firstly, they do not offer 100% finance. You have to have a deposit and the ability to cover the registration cost in order to qualify for the available products. You must have a clean credit record as well. The loans are not suitable for people with bad credit. Generally, the better your credit history is the lower the interest rate on your loan will be so it pays off to review your record in advance. Overall, this review finds the Bond Busters home loans to offer attractive interest rates and terms and conditions to home buyers with good credit history.

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Ph: 086 128 7837
Fx: 021 481 1701
Em: [email protected]

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