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Wanna Loan is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP6569

About – Wanna Loan

Wanna Loan is a provider of short term credit solutions.

It is based in Cape Town but operates nationwide. It is part of Blackbird Group which is one of the leaders in the country's financial industry.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are working restlessly to provide the most affordable and reliable short-term cash loans to South Africans. We take pride in offering a fully automated loan application process and outstanding customer service via our call centre.

Wanna Loan is always customer focused.

At the same time, we are always focused on achieving more for our company and for our customers.

We have a policy for responsible lending and full transparency.

Services – Wanna Loan

Wanna Loan is a leading South African short credit provider and payday loan specialist.

Struggling to pay your bills?

When you find it difficult to pay all your bills and cover your expenses with your salary during the month, we are here to offer a solution.

With our payday loan, you will receive a sufficient amount of money to cover any emergency or essential expenses super quickly.

You simply need to apply online and we will start the loan process immediately. You get to repay the loan when you get your next salary.

We offer some of the most affordable rates and flexible repayment terms. This makes us a top choice for hundreds of South Africans.

Summary of Services

  • Long Term Loans
  • Consolidation Loans
  • Bad Credit Instant Loans
  • Micro Loans
  • Instant Loans 
  • Blacklisted Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Direct Loans 
  • Instant Cash Loans
  • Indirect Loans

Wanna Loan's payday solutions can help you with better budget management.

Even if you adhere to your monthly budget strictly, unexpected expenses can still catch you by surprise. In such cases, you should not panic, but consider using a loan.

Use this Wanna Loan payday loans review to find out if these solutions can be right for you.

Wanna Loan is a registered micro lender operating online.

The company follows the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act. You can expect complete transparency and dedicated service, which is quite fast. The online application takes minutes to complete while the approval should not take more than a few hours.

After the loan agreement is signed, you will receive the cash into your bank account within 24 hours in most cases.

The Wanna Loan payday loans enable you to get a loan up to R3,000. The range is sufficiently wide so you should be able to take out as much as you need to cover the pending expenses. At the same time, you should avoid new loans given the short repayment term.

You can select the term in line with your preferences; it can be between 5 and 37 days. You can repay the loan earlier than your next pay day or make the term slightly longer to ensure that the repayment will fit into your budget.

Just keep in mind that interest is charged daily.

The longer the term is the more you will owe to the lender. Basically, you should try to use this flexibility wisely by making proper financial plans.

The interest rate on the Wanna Loan payday loans is approximately 0.17% per day. This is comparable to what other lenders charge on such credit products. Interest is not charged during the first five days so you can expect to generate some savings. Still, the lender will charge an initiation fee and a service fee.

They are also similar to the fees of competitors. You will know how much you will owe to the lender in advance so you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

In conclusion, this review finds the Wanna Loan payday loans to be quite speedy and flexible as well.

 Contact Details

1 Willie van Schoor Drive, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Ph: 021 835 3000 / 0861 189 200
Fx: 0865 646 458
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

PO Box 378, Cape Gate, 7562, South Africa

 Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:00 – 18:00
  • Tuesday 08:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday 08:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday 08:00 – 18:00
  • Friday 08:00 – 18:00
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