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Fincheck – Personal loans


  • Low-interest starting from 16%
  • Personal loans up to R250,000
  • Repayment up to 72 months

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About Fincheck

Fincheck has always had one solid goal set out for itself as a company, from the start – to help bring easy access to finance to all the people of South Africa.

They aim to do this at a fraction of the price and hassle one would usually encounter when securing a loan.

We have prided ourselves, throughout the years, on providing that - with a smile. Our customer service is renowned as friendly and efficient, and we hold our staff in great esteem as they speedily assist you with all your personal loan needs.

What Fincheck is, and what we do

Fincheck is essentially a brokerage company, or middle man, if you prefer. We use our savvy in the business and financial world to find you the best deals that are available. We also strive to deliver the best deals that you’re eligible for, and bring them straight to you with no hassle or fuss.

We get in contact with our broad database of private investors and micro-lenders, and we engineer a loan option that includes the specifications given to us by you. Checking eligibility with us can go a long way!

What does Fincheck bring to the table?

Fincheck is a unique online lending platform. What we do, we do to make your life easier. With our easy to use and reliable online service, we can have you linked to a suitable lender within 24 hours.

We offer a variety of services though, from personal and vehicle loans to home and car insurance.

While we cover some broad but specialised services, this doesn’t distract us from tending to the finer points of your needs. Especially when it comes to personal loans, an area of expertise we consider to be our forte. We even supply blacklisted loans!

Fincheck Services

With so many untrustworthy lenders out there in this day and age, we can understand why it’s difficult to trust any company, let alone an exclusively online lender!

This is where our slough of happy customer reviews come in, so you can get an idea of exactly why we’re relied so heavily upon by folks when it comes to securing personal loans online. As a responsible and reliable broker, we put you in touch with only the finest lenders.

The kind of lenders Fincheck deals with

We’re a completely unbiased lender, meaning we don't discriminate against our customers, or the companies we deal with.

While unsuitable lenders are cut from the tethers of our dealings, we have no particular company that we prefer to deal with or would favour over another.

We simply provide access to those who have the best rates and rewards for your pocket. This way you get the best available service, and the trade we engage in with the lending companies who work through us is fair and just.

How does this process work?

Our processes are as easy as 1, 2, and 3! The first step is to go on over to our site, and key-in your details.

We have a quick and easy registration process, followed by a simple online loan application where you’ll pick a loan you require, the amount you’re aiming to borrow and leave the rest to us.

We do the tough stuff, comparing quotes to our enormous registry of lenders. We have a grand total of almost 500 finance producers, which span 27 categories. This ensures that you always get the top deals, and have the freedom to pick the ones that suit you best.

Fincheck Product Details

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate 16 – 28% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to R250,000
  • Repayment 3 months to 72 months
  • Decision 2 minutes

Summary of Services

  • Easy online application
  • Bad credit loans available
  • Affordable instalments
  • 24/7 access

Personal loans and how we handle things at Fincheck

We start with making sure you understand exactly how we work when it comes to loans, what we need from you, and what the various lending companies in contact with us have the capacity to offer you.

We handle personal loans with the same flair and reliability that we handle all our dealings at Fincheck. We offer a wide variety of personal loans, at that! With better rates and quicker service, how could you not use us to save?

Application and approval online

Because we have no brick and mortar establishment, and fewer staff, our savings are passed on to you through lower interest rates and fees.

It also means we operate exclusively online, through our website and various forms of social media that you can interact with us through.

We keep a completely transparent mode of business, to boot. To apply you’ll need a copy of your ID, proof of residence, your last pay slip and your 3-month bank statements.

These 4 items are all you’ll need. With these in hand, we can assess what loans you qualify for, and what rates and repayment terms you should enjoy.

We’ll take it from there!

With this data, our dedicated employees filter through our systems, and we begin to list the offers best suited to your needs. We offer quick cash loans from R1000, to R250, 000 - and even higher if you have the right credentials and affordability.

The company you take out a loan with is able to charge you an initiation fee, a fee for the services rendered, and interest as agreed in your loan contract.

We offer these loans from a period of as little as 3 months to a total of 72 months, although special arrangements can be made in extraordinary circumstances.

Remember, no matter your needs, Fincheck is here to help you through any difficult times, and get you approved for an instant loan when you need it most!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

Fincheck has always made me comfortable when it comes to taking out a loan. I won’t look for help with anyone else.

Marie A
— Cape Town —

August 2019

I have always used Fincheck’s loans and I don’t see why I wouldn’t – they make me feel comfortable about lending money.

Gunther G
— Johannesburg —

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  • Tuesday Open – 24 hours
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