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Justmoney.co.za is the leading online guide to financial products and services used by South Africans. We make finding the right loan or insurance policy easy and quick.

Our online service is accessible from anywhere and it is extremely fast and simple.

Compare Products and Providers

You can compare various personal cash loan products from all top providers to make the best choice. With our service, you will find the most affordable and beneficial deal and save money, time and effort. We have extensive experience and excellent reputation.

Experienced Staff Ready to Assist

Our team of experts provides up to date information and advice. We have advanced yet simple to use tools which you can use directly. Our whole quick loan comparison service is free.

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Justmoney.co.za is here to guide you through the complex maze of the South African financial market.

You do not have to be an expert in finance to find the best personal micro-loan deal for you. You can rely on us to be your guide.

An Unbiased Loan Comparison Platform

We are fully independent and objective in our work. We help you compare different types of short-term financial products and services and make the right choice. You can save money, time and effort by using our online service.

Use Our Loan Calculators for Free

We offer advanced yet simple to use calculators which you can use for comparing the charges on various bank accounts and credit cards.

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loan
  • Short-term Loans
  • Personal Finance

Justmoney Quick Personal Loans Review – How Beneficial Are They?

When your income is not sufficient for covering your expenses or for paying for important items which you need to buy, you need to use a credit product.

There are many different options, but they may not be equally good for you. Use Justmoney's personal loans review to decide whether these products can give you what you need.

Matching you with the Best

Justmoney is a service provider whose job is to match borrowers and lenders. The company is one of the leaders in the market for such services. It enjoys excellent reputation because of the great deals which it offers to customers and because of the free professional advice which any person can obtain from their website. Even if you do not choose a loan, you will still find the financial information and tips to be extremely useful to you.

Our Lenders are Well-established

Justmoney's online personal loans work in a very simple manner. You submit an online application and the service provider searches the products of various lenders to find the most suitable loan for you. The company works with reputable lenders of all sizes so you can expect them to produce a highly favourable offer for you. Still, you are in no way obliged to accept it.

Get a Loan in just 48 Hours

You will enjoy pretty good speed with Justmoney's payday cash loans. If you are approved for a loan which matches your requirements, you can expect the cash to be in your bank account within 48 hours. The interest rate, term and repayment schedule will certainly match your needs. The service provider is able to offer highly competitive rates and easy repayment schedules due to the fact that it works with a large number of lenders. In general, the interest rate will be fixed and so will be the monthly instalments. There will be no fluctuations which may prove to be damaging to your budget.

There is great flexibility with the loans from this service provider. You can pick virtually any loan amount. You can select the repayment term so that you can feel comfortable about the instalments without paying too much interest. The conclusion of this review is that the Justmoney quick loans are pretty fast, highly affordable and quite flexible. They are a good choice.

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