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image of Lulalend

About – Lulalend

Lulalend believe in small business growth and opportunity.

We are passionate about seeing your business grow from the ground up, and provide the financial assistance to get you there. We are not your average financial supplier. We invest in you as a business, and nurture you financially to optimise your potential to the fullest.

As a proudly South African company, we strive to help our clients through wealth, and the growth of dreams. Everyone who has the determination to get somewhere deserves the assistance to get themselves where they want to be.

Let us back you financially

Believing in our clients, and our partnerships through the years with successful business owners is just proof of our ability to progress financially. Time is money, and with our fast paced lives, we find it difficult to take a step back to consider our financial outcomes and capital needs – or how to get there.

This is where we are experts, and with us by your side, the sky is the limit.

Grow your business

Running a business from the start up, is financially draining, getting your business in a stable position to the point where you are actually earning a profit takes time. We understand this, and will help you get there.

Services – Lulalend

What does Lulalend mean to your business? It’s simple! We will help your business grow.

Through the financial backing of small business opportunities, to get you to where you want to be, we help you grow. Yes, it is possible to have a financial provider backing you when you are starting off.

We have extensive experience with years of financial knowledge which we have used to the advantage of our business clients. We offer the financial support to help business owners reach their dreams. What makes our personal loan options so desirable is the fact that we process your application within minutes.

Lending made simple

We understand that running a business takes a lot out of your day, keeping your eye on things allows you no spare time to spend in queue at the bank, or makes appointments that could take weeks.

We act now!

With technology moving forward, we focus of innovation to take our application a step faster, to provide credit check needs and calculations on your personal loan request, to fulfil your financial needs immediately.

Lulalend is different, we are fast, we really care about growing your business with a tailored personal loan solution that is affordable and meets your business needs.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • BUSINESS Loans

Lulalend is the personal loan provider with a difference

Lend cash for your small business, through an online application.

This kind of service delivery is far and few between, and this is why we find ourselves being the key provider of business capital for new business ventures. Because we work through online platforms, clients don’t have to waste time away from the office, or away from running their business.

Access cash online

They can access cash to grow their company easily online, whenever and from wherever they like. Our online loans are available to clients who have been in business form a minimum of one year and have revenue of R500 000 or more.

Our applications are totally free

We don’t charge any registration fees to our clients. Should you need advice or assistance from our experienced team before applying, we can offer you a telephonic communication to help you understand the process better. Speaking to one of our trained and knowledgeable consultants can add a whole new light and clarity to your requirements and help you determine what you can borrow and afford to pay back without running a debt risk on your business.

How does it work?

Clients can complete the detailed application form, with your personal and business details and the amount of cash you think you will need.

We will process your application and determine what the final amount will be eligible for your profile, taking into account your income margins, your expenses and your business profile. From this information, we can provide you with a contract, detailing your repayment terms.

Once you have agreed to the terms and loan amounts, the cash can be transferred into your business account within 24 hours. Additionally, we offer repayment term that are suitable and flexible to make them affordable to you, ranging over 6 to 12 months.

Transparent terms and rates

South African business owners can now invest in a financial partner who believes in your company’s growth. Apply today and let your business prosper.

 Contact Details

112 Buitengracht Street, 1st floor, The Studios, Cape Town, Cape Town City Centre, 8000, South Africa
Ph: 087 943 2381

 Opening Hours

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