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About – Zarfin

Zarfin offer clients in South Africa personal loans with terms ranging between 1 and 12 months to pay back.

When you feel the financial crunch, and not making ends meet, maybe it’s time you took out a personal loan from Zarfin.

We can offer you more than cash in your bank account within 24 hours and we offer our expertise and our knowledge in the financial world. We find many of our clients aren’t aware of the terms of a loan, or that they can even access cash through an online platform.

Everything you need financially under one online platform

By making life easier for you, we continue to improve on or services through every client we help.

A lot of clients who are blacklisted, or turned down from banks and other lenders, find gratitude when applying through us for a personal loan. We will help you no matter what and we have the years of experience backing up our service delivery.

This delivery to our clients is quality checked and provided through the best technologies and personal touches from our consultants. Let us help you financially; be it to cover your outstanding debts, or to take a vacation, no matter what, we can help you.

Services – Zarfin

Zarfin can provide a personal loan ranging between R500 and R10 000 to use as you like.

We will recommend and advise you throughout the process on what the best loan option would be for your personal portfolio as well as your budget. We lend our cash in a responsible manner, to ensure our clients do no fall into any financial trouble. We won’t give you more than you can afford to pay back.

At Zarfin, we will provide an experience like no other, with an online platform to submit your loan application, a quick turnaround time, and cash in your bank account before you know it.

The criteria for qualification of your loans are simple

By being over 18 years old, being a permanent resident of South Africa, working permanently for the same company for longer than three months and have a valid banking account, then there shouldn’t be any reason why your personal loan can’t be approved.

Cash in your bank account within 24 hours!

We will be in touch with you after your application is submitted to discuss the repayment terms and finalise your loan contract! Get a loan today and feel the financial pinch lighten off your shoulders.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL loans
  • BAD CREDIT & blacklisted welcome apply
  • QUICK short-term loans
  • PAYDAY loans

Zarfin understands what you need when it comes to personal loans

We offer clients the personal and customised lending service they want.

With an influential place in the industry, we have been able to secure and negotiate lending propositions for our clients that are often unmatched in the market. We have years of experience in the financial industry, putting us forward in paving the way to the providing clients with competitive pricing modules and cash that is affordable to lend.

Why choose us?

  1. One of our most valuable commodities is to offer our clients the expertise of our services, in order to get the best out of your loan.
  2. This includes the terms of payment as well as the interest and fees included, which are completely transparent, meaning there are no hidden costs in your agreement.
  3. We provide personal loans of up to R10 000 with payment terms over one to twelve months.
  4. You get to choose the most cost effective repayment term that you can comfortably afford each month.
  5. Another great asset we have is our personal service delivery.

Helping you every step of the way

We keep in contact with our clients throughout the process, keeping you informed at all times of the steps carried through, and whatever we can do throughout your partnership with you to make life easier for you.

Our clients are what drive us, and our passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams is a victory for us.

Bad credit loans

We will also help clients who are blacklisted, in getting the finance they need, even when they are turned down from other lenders. We are about creating opportunities for our customers.

If you are a permanent resident of South Africa, and over the age of 18 years, with a steady monthly income, we can help you find a personal loan today!

Apply online, get approved, and get your cash!

These three steps are simple and fast, because we understand when you need cash, you don’t have time to waste. All you need is under one roof, and we are ready and willing to help you get to your end goal.

Zarfin is your financial partner of choice, offering value and benefits throughout our service delivery.

 Contact Details

5 Greyville Cl, Milnerton Ridge, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa
Ph: 0215554605
Em: [email protected]