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COBOL is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP7055

About – COBOL

As a registered South African credit provider, COBOL offers easy and simple quick cash loans nationwide. COBOL has been trusted by South Africans for financial services since 2006.

Our company is based in Cape Town but we offer financial assistance to all South Africans via our dedicated online service. We adhere fully to the rules and regulations set by the National Credit Act, this means we look at your affordability and won’t lend you more than you can afford.

Quick loans

The loan information is available on our company's website along with the loan application form. You can select from several loan amounts depending on your needs and requirements.

When applying for a quick loan it can sometimes be a bit lengthy, daunting and even frustrating – but with COBOL you can be assured that this is not the case. We strive to work thru your loan application and the assessment takes minutes & cash is wired instantly upon approval. Plus we offer a 6-month repayment term.

Services – COBOL

COBOL is the most straightforward quick cash loan service that you can find in South Africa and it is really easy to access the credit facility. All you have to do is to fill out the short online application and submit it. You do not need to fax any documents.

Borrow only the amount that you need as fees and interest become costly. Take advantage of our easy quick loan and repair your vehicle or pay for an unexpected medical bill, these expenses creep up at times we don’t expect. Our quick loan can help you get back on track as far as finances are concerned and give you time to work to get your budget back in control.

We provide approval in minutes

You could possibly have the funds you require, paid into your preferred bank account on the same day. What’s more, we offer some of the most attractive interest rates and the most affordable repayment schedule. You have 6 months to repay the loan. We offer the perfect solution for cash emergencies.

Interest Rate

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Summary of Services

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  • PERSONAL Loans 

COBOL Quick Loans - We have quick cash solutions

The fast credit products available in South Africa are quite plentiful.

This makes it really difficult to make the right choice. That is why it pays off to compare the various popular options. With COBOL quick loans you’ll find that we can provide a detailed evaluation of these products in order to help you find out how favourable they are. With the abundant products we offer, there most certainly will be one that suits your requirements!

As one of the most trusted micro lender, we have an application system which operates entirely online. There is no need for using telephone or fax you don’t even need to visit a branch in order to get a quick loan.

You can expect to receive a speedy professional service

COBOL quick loans are processed at a considerable speed. After you submit the short online application, which takes just a few minutes to fill out, we will email you our offer. If you accept it, you have to confirm this. After you have made a confirmation, we will transfer the granted amount of money to your bank account possibly on the same day, in rare cases, the waiting period is 48 hours after applying.

Quick loans up to R3000

You can borrow loans up to R3000 in increments of 500 when you use the COBOL loans. The loan amounts are sufficient for covering emergency expenses such as those for basic home repair, a new refrigerator or emergency medical bill.

Our 6-month repayment term is neither too short nor too long. It will give you sufficient time for repaying what you owe. You may not be able to negotiate a shorter term, but you have to check with the lender whether early repayment without penalty fees will be possible.

The interest rates and fees charged on these loans are comparable to what competitors charge for their products. You have to go through the offer presented to you very carefully in order to decide whether the loan will be affordable for you. Another thing to keep in mind is that we do not have specific credit requirements. You may be able to qualify for a loan if you are blacklisted, but you can expect it to cost more.

Our quick loans are safe and secure and you can be confident that only the very best security is used to protect the privacy of our clients. Contact COBOL loans today for a fast quick and get your finances back on track.

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702 Boland Bank Building, 18 Lower Burg Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8001, South Africa
Ph: 021 421 8811
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Em: clientcare@cobol.co.za

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PO Box 2961, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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