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About – Policy Trader

We all need cash sooner or later! It can be very frustrating when you have a policy but the cash value is restricted and unavailable and what a shocker it is to when you’re turned down by your life company without a solution.

Policy Trader is in the business of buying restricted policies, which gives you the opportunity to increase your cash-flow at a much better rate than what you would possibly get through alternative channels and financial organisations.

Turn your policy into cash

We are a financial service that provides to Independent Financial Advisors as well as related networks like Masthead, Cadiz Financial Services group and Old Mutual. Policy Trader can assist clients in South Africa with the transformation of their restricted policies, into cash. This is a service that many customers make use of, and it offers an alternative to a quick loan. In the 25 years of policy trading in South Africa, we have helped thousands of clients get cash when they struggle to get it through their policy holders, or through lenders. Our clients no longer need to wait for their policies to mature before getting the cash they deserve.

Independent financial advisor

We can assist you immediately. We find many restricted policies offer a lump sum pay-out after a five-year maturity plan. This restricts our clients from getting a pay-out when they actually need it. Policy Trader works as an independent financial advisor, working with some of the top policy investors in the country such as Liberty, Absa and Discovery.

Our policy pay-outs don’t require any repayments or extra interest charges, you simply get out what you are entitled to from your policy. We strive to provide a service that is competitive in the market, to ensure our clients receive a quality driven service that meets their needs. If you require instant financing, we might be able to help you. Our online loan products are fast, friendly, and secure for our clients.

Services – Policy Trader

Our clients come to us with the need for cash on their restricted policies, and we offer them a cash pay-out immediately.

We have made the process simple to afford clients a simple and effective way to receive funds when they need them. When your policy company tells you, you can’t…..we tell you, you can!

Free no obligation consultation

Our clients are given little or no options when they need cash from their policies. This is why we provide a service with a can-do attitude. We assist on pay-outs of a number of policies including life policies, endowment policy, structured product or preference shares and term policies. If you aren’t sure if your policy qualifies, give us a call, and we will give you a free no obligation consultation on your policy, and let you know if you are eligible to receive cash. We will also let you know how much your policy is worth should you decide to cash out.

Policy Trader gets your policy funds without the hassles

We help you get the cash you need from viable policies when you need to apply for cash quickly. With so many dead ends and doors blocking our way to getting cash these days, we know how hard life can be, and how it throws a curve ball into your financial world.

It’s never been easier to get cash from your policies

Having these documents in place doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck anymore and they can now be worth the time and effort put into them. Policy Trader has the capabilities to offer you cash for your policy in no time, giving you a little extra cash to use as you please.

Summary of Services

  • QUICK Cash
  • SELL Policies For Cash
  • LOANS Against Policies

Policy Trader gets your policy funds without the hassles

What you need is a trusted partner, who can help you get cash when you need it, without the complications and hassles that are thrown at you in more cases than you care to mention.

We have many years’ experience in offering our services to clients across the country. Selling your policy is simple, and by following the easy application process, we can help you back on track to financial freedom.

Get an evaluation

Get an evaluation of your policy by initially completing a consent form for Policy Trader to access your policy.

We will forward you an offer to purchase on your policy, which is valid for up to 7 days, and if you are happy with the offer to purchase, simply sign the document and return to us, we’ll then do another check on the document for any changes and errors and create a final document. This document will then be submitted to our processing office. Once they’ve received the document, our client will receive a pay-out of the policy amount within a time frame of no longer than 48 hours.

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