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About – Easy Payday

Easy Payday in South Africa offers clients quick and simple financial products to tie them over till their next pay-day.

As one of South Africa’s largest payday loan providers, we have extensive experience in assisting clients with their financial requirements. Above all, we understand the needs of our clients, especially when those unexpected bill payments crop up during the time of the month when our bank account is already very low, and we don’t have the cash available to cover our financial obligations.

A competitive loan service

By building relationships with our clients, we create a different and competitive service in the financial industry, we believe in our clients, and always look for ways to make life a little easier through competitive pricing, and top market borrowing options. Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge they need to keep our clients happy and answer all the queries they may have in regards to getting an online loan.

Easy online application

With all the tools and resources our clients could wish for, Easy Pay Day offers you a world at your fingertips. We offer an easy loan application, no credit checks, secure online platforms, paperless processes and speedy pay-outs! Register today and get cash in your bank account instantly.

Services – Easy Payday

Smaller loan amounts are offered, to allow our clients to be able to pay them off at their next payday.

The whole aim of our service is to deliver quick loans to our clients. Emergencies come up when we are low of cash, and getting cash in your account can often be a stressful situation. Not with Easy Pay Day!

Apply within minutes

We use online processes which speed up the entire application to payment, making life easier and with fewer hassles. The amount we borrow is determined on the amount you can pay back within the stipulated time frames. We only need our clients to complete a short application form, which takes only a minute of your time. Once your application is approved, you can have cash in your account within the hour to pay for those accounts, bills and emergency payments.

We are the trusted lender in South Africa

Our clients recommend us to family and friends from the impeccable service delivery they receive from their very first encounter with us. We have the financial capabilities and the industry knowledge to assist you with your borrowing requirements.

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Summary of Services

  • FAST Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • QUICK Loans

It's quick to get a loan through Easy Payday

Borrow from a firm that makes processes quicker, and efficient, and get cash in 1hr today!

Easy Payday makes getting cash quickly an easy process

How about immediate decisions on loan applications, and we allow clients instant access to cash when they need it.

Our entire process from beginning to end is paperless, and all done online, to save our clients time that they could be in the office. We don’t do any major credit checks or ask you to put any collateral down as security on your loan. We simply ask you to repay the loan on time as per your contract, which will be drawn up once your application is approved.

With Easy Pay Day Loans, our clients get:

  • Cash within 24hrs of their approved application
  • Instant loan approval
  • No faxing or appointments
  • Efficient and quick processes
  • Secure online platforms
  • One short application form
  • No costs involved in applying/ no obligation

Minimum requirements

To qualify for one of our quick loans, clients need to be South African residents of over 18 years. Clients need to earn a monthly income, which is deposited into their bank account.

We encourage borrowing of cash only in emergency situations where you need to make a payment upfront and do not have the cash on hand. From application to pay out of the cash, each step is flowing and fast.

Everything can be managed online

Friendly and knowledgeable consultants are available to assist our clients should they need any answers to their queries in regards to getting a fast loan. We understand how difficult it is to save money each month, with the cost of living taking every cent of our earnings. Therefore, having a lending firm available to assist during times of need can help you cover those expenses that have you stressed.

Same day loan transfers

On our website, we have provided a simple online loan application form, where clients can complete their personal details, as well as what amount of cash they need to borrow. Submit the form and we will contact you directly in fast turnaround times with your approved contract. You can have the cash in your account within the very same day should you be happy with the terms.

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