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Low Budget Loans

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Low Budget Loans is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP4858

About – Low Budget Loans

Where does Low Budget come from, what are our commitments and where are we going?

Low Budget Loans was founded in 2004 a by a group of banking experts who had a better knowledge of an easier, faster and somewhat less demanding means of providing quick cash loans to individuals who earned between a low and higher income. We became the Service Provider of choice by providing this sort of service.

We are committed

We comply with the rules and regulations recommended by the National Credit Regulator as well as other controlling bodies. We are committed to providing straightforward and transparent loaning services, as well as having a finger on the pulse when it comes to responsible lending. Low Budget strives to provide excellent service and we aim to build long-term relationships with clients. Our mission is to provide personal loans to clients who have an unexpected emergency with a short-term and responsible solution.

Services – Low Budget Loans

We have been assisting South African clients with valuable and essential cash loan services for many years, offering a great number of loans to the average worker in the country needing financial assistance when times get tough.

We are well known in the financial sector for offering phenomenal services with business ethics which stands out; our promise to our clients is that we guarantee to offer you a loan that you can easily afford, without making extra debt that you cannot cope with.

Finance for your business

Our main focus in business is to assist workers and employment companies financially and to stay financially afloat. The loans that companies offer to workers financed by Low Budget Loans won't have any effect on the organization's cash stream. It’s a win-win process and service for employees and employers. Should there be any blacklisted accounts; Low Budget Loans will be in charge of the proceedings going forward with any disputes that follow.

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Summary of Services

  • QUICK Cash Loans
  • ONLINE Loans 
  • INSTANT Personal Loans 

Low Budget Loans has the best deals on loans

Low Budget Loans has been helping South African customers with profitable and fundamental cash advance service for a long time offering an extraordinary number of loans to normal workers requiring short-term loans when difficulties arise.

We promise to offer you an advance that you can undoubtedly manage, without making additional debt obligations that cannot be paid.

Quick loans for financial emergencies

It is the mission of Low Budget Loans to provide personal loans for emergency purposes to our clients and by the same token short term and responsible solutions. It's our passion to help people - Through dedication, innovation and a passion for people’s needs, we did just that.

Clear innovative process & ethical approach - Low Budget Loans follows a clear innovative process and ethical approach to helping South Africans to keep within their budget and still afford to get a loan when they need it. Our commitment to our clients has spread across the country, making Low Budget Loans the brand to recognise in the microfinance industry.

Providing unique loan options

We are unique with our loan options by working with the companies we assist, but taking full responsibility for the loans, repayments and default payments of the employees. The loans that organizations offer their workers financed by Low Budget Loans won't have any impact on the association's cash stream. There are no risks included for the employer.

Low Budget Loans will be responsible for the process and way forward should any employee who takes an advance, not be able to repay the loan. The whole process when an employee applies for a loan is taken care of telephonically with voice recordings.

Fast loan payouts

No compelling reason to complete reams of documentation, no need to visit our branch. Pay-out of loans is within a time period of 15 minutes from the time that the call was effectively finished with the customer confirming every one of his points of interest and the loan will be paid out specifically into the bank account where the worker has his salary paid into.

Low Budget Loans needs only a little amount of information from the worker when processing the loan application, just to get the main details from them and to verify that they earn enough to pay off the loan. It’s simple, quick and controlled completely by us on behalf of the company’s using our services, loan repayments must be deducted from the month to month or week by week pay of the employee.

Low Budget Loans will have the capacity to give an electronic document that can be altered specifically into your finance programming.

We believe that every South African deserves a chance and we understand that times are tough and that is the reason we are here to help you when there is an unexpected emergency because we know that in this day and age it’s difficult to save for the unforeseen!

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Postnet Suite 397, Private Bag x10, Elardus Park, Johannesburg, 0047, South Africa

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