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Budget Cash

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Budget Cash is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP471

About – Budget Cash

When we opened our doors in 2002 to the public, we had no idea we would grow to the brand that we have become today.

By offering cash loans, barred loans and short-term loans to clients, we know that there is certainly something we did right.

Loans for blacklisted clients

In the short time that we have been around, we have managed to have a total number of 8 branches. Furthermore, clients will be pleased to know that we also assist blacklisted clients and those who have a bad credit history.

Our loan proves is fast and simple, allowing clients to get instant cash as soon as they submit all the required documents and we grant their loan application successful. It is mandatory that we comply with the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act. We want to remain as an accredited and trusted credit supplier for customers.

Services – Budget Cash

A lot of people have the misconception of thinking bad credit loans, blacklisted loans, and short term cash loans, made an online loan application process to be a hideous one.

This is not the case. Bad credit loan applications are viewed and accessed in the same regard as those who have good credit scores.

Everything is doable with Budget Cash

The fact that you don’t have a perfect credit score shouldn’t discourage you from getting credit. The only time we will deny your loan application is when we feel and actually see that you have a lot on your plate.

It is mandatory that you stick to your budgets without fail and ensure that you meet all your financial obligations on a monthly basis.

Interest Rate

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Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • ONLINE Loans 
  • BAD Credit Loans

Budget Cash makes getting that short-term cash loan a breeze

The number of agents that we have is specialists that know how to handle business, people and finance. Therefore, you can trust and believe that you are in good hands.

Today, it is difficult to add another expense to your budget especially because everything is so expensive lately. No matter how much you might want to avoid getting a loan, you will get a cash emergency that isn't covered by your budget.

Can you afford a loan

It wouldn’t serve any purpose to have customers come to us and look for loans and we can’t assist them. The only time we can’t help is when they have too many expenses and won’t be able to pay for the loan they are applying for.

Governed by the National Credit Act

The National Credit Act is what gives us a strict guideline on what we should do during loan applications and where should we draw the line. As much as we would like to help everyone, we can’t if there is a reason to believe that you are not surviving on your current loans.

Furthermore, even though we assist the clients who don’t have a good credit score, we still have our restrictions. At the end of the day, we don’t want to leave you bankrupt after you have paid our short term cash loan on a monthly basis.

We have helped a number of customers with loans for blacklisted clients and loans for customers who have a negative credit profile.

We are still at it because we want to see everybody being able to survive and make do with this gift that we call life.

It might be the perfect time to start thinking about your financial wellbeing because there is no better time to start then today.

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38 Nel St, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, 1200, South Africa
Ph: 013 752 5855
Fx: 086 647 0038
Em: loans@budgetcash.co.za
Em: info@budgetcash.co.za

 Postal Address

P.O Box 8280, Nelspruit, 1200, South Africa

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