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About – Friendly Finance

Friendly Finance gives South African consumers the knowledge and information they need to make the right choice in regards to their finances.

We gather important information that is essential for clients to inform them and educate them on money strategies and smart ways to manage their money.

Providing you with a wealth of knowledge

Any questions you have or currently have in regards to lending cash, managing your credit card debts or budgeting, are available on our website. Our clients can make clever decisions when applying for financial help through loans (short term cash loans, personal loans and payday loans) by learning more about how they actually work.

We do the research in the financial market, so you don’t have to

Where are costs and interest rates included, how do you pay them off, and compare different offers from providers that all offer an array of services?

Our experience of decades in the financial sector, allow us to be open and honest with our clients, with the confidence that we deliver the information that our clients rely on to make executive and crucial decisions that could change and improve their life and their financial situation. 

Everything you need to know about your finances is available online on our website. If there is anything you need to know, which isn’t available on our site, contact us, and we will gladly get the information for you.

Services – Friendly Finance

Valuable information provided to clients across the country in regards to getting loans, insurance and managing credit cards.

We offer comparison tools to assist you with the definition of personal, long term, short term and payday loans, which will meet your financial and budgetary needs. We detail our information according to your specific needs, giving you the useful information you need before applying for finance.

Easy to compare financial products

You can compare credit cards and providers to ensure you are getting the best possible benefits from the credit card company you choose to apply through. There are many differentiators in these fields, and choosing the right plan can prove to be a negative or a positive experience.

Assisting you in choosing the best option for your specific criteria

Lately we have been working on insurance comparison tools, to help clients with their insurance choices, which will work the same way, when clients want to find an insurance company that not only meet their needs, but is also cost effective and gives them the cover they need, inclusively. We aim to achieve all we promise to our clients through focusing on quality driven financial advice and support to our clients throughout their journey with us.

We aim to provide true and helpful information to ensure our clients benefit from receiving the right advice before encountering any decision they make that could with benefit or be unnecessary to their financial well-being.

Summary of Services

  • QUICK Loans
  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • ONLINE Loans
  • MONEY Management
  • CREDIT Cards

Friendly Finance has the short term loan options to work within your budget

A unique comparison tool for consumers looking into boosting their financial situation.

We offer knowledge and advice that could change your life for the better, before you actually apply for cash or credit cards. Before jumping into a situation of uncertainty, the smart move is to ensure you have all the facts and the run down on what you are getting into.

This is not usually given to clients who immediately apply for a loan, and often they are left with an unexpected hidden fee or an air tight agreement they can’t get out of.

How do you choose the right option?

There are many loan options in the market, online, offline, low rates and benefits promised from mall angles. Knowing the lending industry and what your contract actually means is the fundamental information you need before signing any terms. Do you understand why you are paying interest? Is the interest rate offered to you in line with the regulatory standards? These are questions we often forget to consider, but should!

Our website is easy to use

Clients can register online, by completing a personal profile, from there, you can search any financial topic that you are interested in. You can get any valuable information in regards to short term loans, that will make your next step into applying for finance less scary, knowing you have the information needed to make the right decisions.

Now you can learn all the jargon thrown at you, such as interest, rates, hidden fees, repayment plan, and more. Knowing what you are signing makes a massive difference when you take out a short term cash loan.

You can now understand what your contract means, and maybe you decide that the option you had in mind just won’t benefit you as you thought it would. Having knowledge is power.

Ensure you have the power of information

Should we not have a specific topic on our site, which you would really like information on, our experienced and friendly consultants will be happy to provide the information your need.

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