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Ensuring that we are always with you every step of the way

Nobody should go through financial problems alone. At least not when Quinn Finance is here to help you with your needs with our short-term loans.

Our clients are our best assets and this is the reason why we would never allow them to be stranded. Quinn Finance has the sole duty to give customers affordable and attainable loans. Attainable in the sense that the requirements are not outrageously difficult to meet. 

Offering you financial peace of mind 

Financial emergencies will always come when you least expect or when you are at your lowest in terms of your finances. Going to the bank for a personal loan might be the first idea that comes to mind but when you think of the entire process of the bank, you might re-consider especially because you want to attend to your financial issue right away.

You can get your loan today

Quinn Finance will not make you go through a number of steps which end up prolonging the entire online loan application process. If you tick all our boxes, we will give you money on the very same day. There is no reason to delay you if you meet all our requirements. 

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Submitting documents at a later stage will delay the loan application process

The only way customers will win is if they meet us halfway as a financial registered provider. Should we require certain additional documents as part of the verification process, you need to submit such paperwork timeously if you would like to receive your instant loan right away. 

How much money can I qualify for?

The amount of money you can qualify for will depend on how much you are already paying for on a monthly basis. Furthermore, it will also depend on your credit profile. The minimum amount you can get is R100 and the maximum is R8000. There will be times when you need very little money so that you can buy a few days until payday. This is the reason why you might only be looking for a payday loan that is as little as R300. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that is heftier on the money, the amount will obviously be higher.

Only take the amount you need

Taking a large amount of money is easy, the problem starts when you have to pay off the loan. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that you will be financially capable to pay for the instant cash loan. The last thing we want to see is the fact that our clients are barely surviving due to the number of short-term loans they have taken.

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Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • QUICK Cash Loans

At Quinn Finance we want you to feel cared for

We are not really concerned about what you intend on using the money for.

Our job ends at ensuring that your good or bad credit loan application has been approved and the money has been transferred to your banking account. We know that we work with adults who would never misuse the money for things that make absolutely no significance to their budget.

Updating customers one newsletter at a time

One of the reasons why customers make financial mistakes is due to the little to no financial guidance from experts. We have a number of articles clients can make use of to ensure that they get the best advice when it comes to their spending and future financial goals. Should you need further clarity on our articles, you can contact us via email or phone and we will attend to your questions. 

Shaping South Africa for the better

We started our operations at a time that wasn’t economically friendly for the country or the world at large. There was a great downfall in the market leading to a number of layoffs. It occurred to us that Quinn Finance might just be exactly what South Africans, a little hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Everything we do is in the best interests of the customer. We want to ensure that they are happy with their short-term loan. While we know that we might be able to satisfy them with every term and condition, we can at least try. To date, we have never stopped trying because we know the amount of gratitude that comes from a client that was at the verge of giving up.

Small businesses can turn into greater prospects

It never occurred to us that we may have to expand when we see that business is getting bigger. The fact that we have offices in both Gauteng and KZN means that you don’t have to drive to another province to come and see us, it just means you can go to offices that are convenient for you in terms of location. Alternatively, you can always apply via email and everything will set in stone. There is no reason to drive all the way to one of our branches. Broadening the business scope and enabled customers to see that we a credit provider that offers various financial services. Always ensure that you submit accurate and truthful information because even if you lie, consequence management will be taken against you in the event that you were not being honest.

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