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About – Little Loans

We have been in the financial industry for a few years now and we have never stopped delivering a service of granting credit loans to qualifying individuals.

It has become evident that everyone needs a little financial help from time to time. However, very few people know which channels to go to when they are looking for a loan. It is only when you have been given information that you will know which platforms to go to in order to get credit. Little loans do exactly that, they give you a financial plan when you need it the most.

Get a financial plan with Little Loans

Applying for a short-term loan has been made easy thanks to technology. If you are interested in our services, you just have to make a loan application and we will ensure that you get your money before the end of the business day.

Time is an element we take quite seriously

At the end of the day, we want our clients to get their money in the shortest turnaround time possible. We wouldn’t be doing our customers any justice if we had to make them wait for a week or even two. Therefore, with our payday loans, you will get the money before the end of the business day as soon as we receive all the required documents.

Ensuring you always get ahead

The first step is to apply online. From there, you will be asked certain questions you have to answer to that are related to your personal, financial and employment details. It is of great importance that you supply us with correct and accurate information if you want to be considered for future loans.

Services – Little Loans

Short term credit plans have helped a number of clients during a difficult time.

The financial options that we have at Little Loans are suitable for clients seeking online loans valued to a maximum of R8000. The good thing is the fact that this money can be used at any time that they see is necessary.

The broker is your choice

Seeing that you are a client who wants to make conscious and cost-effective decisions, it is only fitting that you choose a lender that will be able to give you a short term loan you can afford without causing too much financial strain on your budget.

Reach to us when you need clarity

If you not used to taking out loans, it will prove to be quite difficult to make an informed decision about which loan offer to take. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask for advice on borrowing from one of our agents and we will do our best to ensure that you get a loan that is affordable.

Knowledge and top-level service

The team that we have appointed to help you compromise of people that are not only fit to do the job but also want to grant your loan application a dream come true. In essence, this is the reason why we have opened an operation of this calibre, to ensure that customers get ahead as far as their loan applications are concerned.

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Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans
  • QUICK Cash
  • SHORT-TERM Loans

Giving clients the loans they need when they are short of a little cash!

To some people, short term lending services are done at a expense.

However, at Little Loans, consider this as a little gift because we don’t see the purpose of charging you for an option that will make everybody win at the end of the day.

What happens during my loan application?

We will go through the process of loan comparison to ensure that we get you the best loan. We don’t want our clients spending money they don’t have so we will ensure that we find a loan that will be affordable that will be payable in monthly instalments. After you have completed your application form, we will give you a credit plan you can be happy about.

With us, everything is in black and white

It is our duty to ensure that we comply with the rules and regulations stipulated in the National Credit Act for the main purpose of ensuring that we are still well within our legal credit restrictions.

Apply for the exact amount

As tempting as money might be, don’t be greedy and apply for a large amount of money you didn’t really need. Stay within your affordability spectrum. If you are interested and need a payday loan, apply today and ensure that you meet your repayment dates to avoid charges on missed and late payments.

How do I repay the loan?

Decide on which timeframe is suitable for you and make the most of it. With a personal loan, there are many other debts you can settle.

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