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About – Little Loans

Little Loans in South Africa have been servicing clients through an online lending platform since 2014.

In a short time, we have established a clientele of thousands of happy clients, by providing them with the financial means they need to get back on their feet again.

Qualify for a short-term loan today

With so many lenders in the market, offering one service from the other, you may not always qualify for the other. With restrictions and qualifications to meet, we have some up with a simple approach for all clients to be able to qualify for a short-term loan.

Instant approval on loans

We take your application and instantly approve it by sending your profile to a lender who will process your loan quickly. We offer access to short term and payday loans that will meet your lending needs, through efficient processes, speedy turnaround times, and paperless processes that safe time and are less stressful for busy people.

Making loan choices easy

Our experience and knowledge through the leverage and partnerships of a long list of financial providers throughout South Africa, who all offer competitive interest rates and appealing benefits to make your choice easier.

Apply online with Little Loans today and get your cash tomorrow, to cover those unexpected bills that come up when you don’t have the cash.

Services – Little Loans

Short-term and payday loans for the convenience of our clients.

We have little online loans that included amounts of up to R8000, to use as you please. As a fast growing financial lending site online, this offers a large range of options for clients to access.

You choose your preferred lender

Our clients get to choose from qualified partners who all offer their own range of value added benefits, and terms. The short term loan process is paperless, and is all processed online. We provide a comparison tool for clients to use, allowing you the power to choose the right option you need.

Helping you every step of the way

You can work out just how much you want, and what the repayments will be on a monthly basis. You can see just what you can afford to pay back. Should you need more information and advice on borrowing, we have a helpline call line available for clients to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

Expert lending solutions

Our service delivery is aimed at providing a full and end-to-end lending solution to our clients, so that they get the quality they deserve from beginning to end.

We have the resources; all you need to do is register and follow the steps to getting cash fast.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL loans
  • PAYDAY loans
  • QUICK cash
  • SHORT-TERM loans

Giving clients the loans they need when they are short of a little cash!

South Africa’s fastest growing online cash lending online platform.

Services that are completely free

Our clients can access our site purely for the resources we provide. Our service delivery is of the highest quality, with a force of driven and passionate people manning the phones to take your call when you need advice or guidance on your short term lending needs.

How do we do it?

What we do is take your request for a loan, and run it through our loan comparison search, to find the right fit for your lending needs. We have a long list of preferred lenders all offering unique and different loan criteria, allowing you to choose the best one to suit you. To apply, clients simply complete a short application form, completing your personal details, and what criteria and loan amount you need.

Always expect transparency from us

We are transparent with our loan offers that we provide, with no hidden fees to surprise you along the way. Our lenders are all qualified and work in line with the National Credit Act of South Africa. We do not run credit checks although some of our lenders may require you have a clean credit record. Clients must be over 21 years old, and be a permanent resident of South Africa.

Paperless, hassle-free and quick

Clients can borrow between R500 and R8 000 to use as they please. Our lenders provide instant approval on your application as well as a totally paperless process. Everything is done online, so you can apply for cash anywhere and at any time, from the comfort of your home or office.

Get your loan approved today

How about cash in your account by the following day? It’s simple, it’s safe and it’s in line with your budgetary requirements. Should you need a payday loan, the repayment of your loan would need to be paid at your following pay date.

Repayment terms

Our personal loan offers can be payable over a time frame according to the amount of cash you borrow, this could be 3 to 6 months, depending on the lenders terms. Register today, and become a client with the fastest growing lending comparison site on the web.

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