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About – Policy Trader

Policy Trader has been helping clients exchange their policies for cash for over 25 years.

Our customers no longer need to sit tight for their arrangements to develop before getting the money they merit.

We can help you instantly

We find ways to cash in your policy of over five years, into the cash you need. Often clients sit with policies that are worth their weight in gold, and don’t have access to them. This limits our customers from getting compensation out when they really require it.

Free services to our customers

Policy Trader fills in as a free monetary counsellor, working with major banks in SA, for example, Liberty, Absa and Discovery. We offer the monetary pay outs that don't require any reimbursements or additional charges, you essentially get out what you are qualified for.

Market leaders in what we do

We endeavour to give an administration that is competitive in the market, to guarantee our customers get a quality driven administration that addresses their issues. Our administrations are processed on the web, and straightforward

How do we help?

What we do is give quick and secure services for our customers to find a loan when they really need it.

Let us to the conversions for you, and process the cash you deserve through our innovative technology processes, with speed and quality driven services.

Services – Policy Trader

We have made our mark in the financial industry for providing a service which is quite unique in the market.

Why choose us as your financial partner?

There are many lenders out on the web, all providing cash loans at specific rates. But, when you are sitting on a policy, which may be worth thousands of rands, and are restricted to cashing them out because of the regulations of that policy, we can help you.

Why wait to get the cash you need?

You no longer need to wait till the maturity date of your policy to get the cash you are owed. The money you have contributed over the years can be useful right now when you feeling the financial pinch. We offer choice, we offer cash, and we offer speedy services.

We have the neeeded expertise

Because of our partner leverage in the financial industry, we have the ability to cash in those policies for you, and provide you the cash you have earned on your policy. Our customers are given practically no choices when they require money from their policy companies.

This is the reason we give an administration of streamlined and fast assistance to those who feel their hands are tied. We help process pay outs of various policy arrangements such as long term policies, provident funds and more.

On the off chance that you aren't sure if your policy qualifies, call us, and we will give you a free, no obligation evaluation on your current policy which you intend to cash in.

We will likewise tell you how much your policy is worth should you choose to opt for our services.

Summary of Services

  • Policies for cash
  • Personal loans
  • Short-term loans

Policy Trader exchanges your policies for cash

Do you have policy pay out restrictions? We can help.

We assist clients by providing cash against their policies as security

We help clients get access to the cash they need from viable policies which are over a certain age of maturity, when they need cash quickly. With restrictions and often no resources to getting cash these days, we understand how tough life can be, and how it throws a fork in the road of your financial world.

Trusted financial partner

You could use a trusted partner, who can assist you get cash when you need it, and fast. We provide a service with no hassles to allow you to access the cash you have paid into your policies, but don’t know how to get them without waiting till you reach a certain age. With over 25 years’ experience, we provide our services to clients throughout South Africa.

Swopping your policies for cash is simple, and all you need to do is follow the easy application process online, and we can help you back on track with your cash flow.

How does it work?

  • Complete the application form online and we will evaluate your policy in regards to maturity, and cash amount.
  • We will also determine whether or not your policy falls in line with the qualifications of pay out.
  • We will need you to sign a consent form you allow us to take over the policy from you.
  • You will receive an offer to purchase your policy from us, in order to cash out your earned money.
  • The offer to purchase is valid for seven days.

If you are happy with the negotiated amount we can offer you on your policy, and you sign the documents, you can send them back to us for processing. We will amend the document if required, and send the final version to our offices to start with the pay-out process.

The EFT for your cash will be processed within 48 hours of the documents being received, ensuring you have cash in your bank account in the soonest possible time frames.

 Contact Details

Unit 223, The Quays, Park Lane, Grand Central, Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441, South Africa
Ph: 021 551 8222
Fx: 086 538 4995
Em: [email protected]

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PO Box 744, Edgemead, 7407, South Africa