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About Funding Connection

We focus on start-ups, we offer supplemental services to make your business idea a reality.

Funding Connection aims to provide the best possible financial and business development services to young and upcoming entrepreneurs who would like to kick-start their businesses or those looking to expand their business.

Since SMME’s form the bulk of the business sector in South Africa, we have pooled all our collective knowledge, expertise and resources to provide a unique offering. We can assure you that with us, you will achieve greatness in all your endeavours.

A one-of-a-kind consulting agency

We don’t issue loans and business finance directly. We specialize in assisting our clients to enhance their chances of acquiring the necessary funds to establish their businesses.

We’re a private finance consulting firm. We assist our clients in acquiring business finance through various programmes and services.

Whether you require assistance in compiling an intriguing business plan or are merely seeking guidance in your quest to acquire business finance, rest assured, we can assist you.

Trendy online courses and shop

All of our courses and guides are carefully put together by our team of experts. All our products are made to fit in with the South African market.

All of our books and guides are downloadable, and our courses are online.

This gives you the freedom to tailor your choices and thus develop your unique brand, from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re seeking assistance in marketing your business online, how to start certain businesses in the country, or how to set up a business plan - we have what you need.

We also offer the convenient service of registering your company.

This is vital as you cannot hope to apply for a loan without this significant piece of paper.

Funding Connection Services

One of our key focus areas is assisting our clients to compile clear and concise business plans.

We assist you in the draft process and make certain that you have all the necessary details to provide a compelling case. Here are some of the key factors we teach you when compiling a business plan:

  • Recognize your business’s core financial needs
  • Think about staffing
  • Decide on your target market and product or service to be rendered
  • Provide your marketing strategy
  • Acknowledge you may have competitors
  • Establish your costing and pricing regime
  • Should you have a production process, take note of this
  • Identify if you require equipment
  • If you seek to include any business partners, agreements must be drawn up accordingly

Online workshops

One unique aspect we provide is participation in online workshops. Our workshops are focused on giving you the necessary tools to handle your business and apply for a loan

Each workshop is focused on a specific topic. Topics that we explore in our workshops include things like if your company qualifies for funding, how to apply for your chosen loan, what documents you would need for the loan, and how to acquire them. We even help to fill in such forms. These are just some of the vital topics we cover in our invaluable workshops. Workshops are also offered in-house should you prefer face-to-face learning.

Coaching, mentoring and business registration

Our services do not just stop at helping you with administration duties, like filing an application for a business loan. We believe in providing our clients and young and upcoming entrepreneurs with the tools to succeed in their business endeavors.

We offer a state-of-the-art, in-house coaching and mentoring programme. This programme is presented by professionals and experts from the business sector. You’ll learn invaluable skills to start a business and keep it running. Topics like business plans are also covered. 

Funding Connection – Business loan

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Benefits of Funding Connection

  • Easy loan application
  • Reliable lender
  • Affordable loans

Business loan calculator

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We are dedicated to finding the best financial solution for your business

You can expect the 5-step procedure when deciding to make use of our main service.

5 steps to completing an application 

  • Initiate the search for the best financial solution
  • Draft an acceptable business plan
  • Apply for the chosen loan
  • Ensure compliance
  • We manage the process for you

Assistance with funding applications

Applying for business funding can be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first time for a start-up business. We’re here to assist you throughout this process. We offer expert advice and guide you throughout the whole application.

We can assist you in identifying which loan, or financial provider would suit your business plan the best, so you don’t have to struggle down the road. We can also draw up your application for you, and not just draw it up, but tailor it to the specific business loan in South Africa you have chosen.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2020

The online courses and materials were of huge help when I wanted to market my business online. It saved me the time of having to search for a face-to-face class. Now I can do it from home.

Claire F
— Johannesburg —

September 2019

It was a very daunting idea when I wanted to apply for business funding on my own. I contacted Funding Connection and I am so glad I did. The process went smoothly with no stress experienced

Andrew P
— Durban —

January 2020

I tried to compile my own business plan but to no avail, as all financial institutions rejected my applications due to a poorly constructed business plan. Funding Connection supplied me with the ...

Quinton T
— Cape Town —

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