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About Nedbank Business Loan

The majority of the time when starting your own business, you’ll need the capital upfront to purchase assets that will make a profit, that’s where Nedbank comes in!

Nedbank is your leading bank when it comes to Debtor Management and Corporate Saver Deposits, we offer strong risk management services and are centred on the needs of our clients.

Business banking services

Business banking services are decentralised and this enables our staff to make ground-breaking decisions and still remain accountable to the group. With the right banking partner who provides top financial solutions plus effective risk management and personal attention, you will succeed even in an unstable economic environment.

Nedbank Corporate Banking is a leader in the provision of banking services, including business loans to large companies and public organisations with a proven track record. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers and establishes strong bonds with them to provide effective solutions and advice which can be applied in a global economy.

We provide flexible customised business services in the areas of financing, deposit and investment and transactions. Achieve business success with Nedbank.

Nedbank Business Loan Services

As one of the leaders in South African sponsorship marketing, Nedbank has earned many awards starting with the Grand Raptor award for the Nedbank Golf Challenge in 2001.

Nedbank’s sponsorship objectives include alignment with branding strategies, better networking, involvement in the community and wide-ranging appeal.

Nedbank sponsorships

The sponsored categories are diverse ranging from golf and soccer to sports for individuals with disabilities. Each sport has been chosen in line with Nedbank's sponsorship policy. Religious and political groups and activities, gambling and blood sports, activities which are not green or sustainable and activities based on discrimination are not considered and sponsored.

A business bundle account

This account is great for startups offering a comprehensive banking solution and you’re able to make a saving of up to 40% on banking fees!

You could possibly consider a Business Growth loan that offers owners of small business a structured loan and a loan term of up to 10 years if you have acceptable security this loan will be a sure guarantee.

Nedbank Business Loan – Business loan

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Benefits of Nedbank Business Loan

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Business loan calculator

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Nedbank has your financial business needs covered

It is hard to run a business in South Africa given the rising prices and the higher uncertainty which is a result of the recent global economic downturn.

Finding business finance is among the most challenging tasks

Nedbank is one of the oldest and best-established banks in South Africa. This enables us to offer a wide variety of business loans to companies of various sizes. You’ll find that we are a reliable partner that offers great personal attention. This is always important for an entrepreneur.

Available to new traditional and franchise businesses

The Start-up Business Loans of Nedbank come as part of a complete service package. It is available to new traditional and franchise businesses that have been in operation for less than 2 years. The minimum loan amount is R100,000. There is no upper limit so you can get as much finance as you require. You will get a bunch of free services with this offer so you can expect to enjoy considerable savings on the management of your business finances.

Expand the start-up of your business and cash-flow by enjoying the rewards we have to offer on a Small Business credit card account, the nice thing is that you need not provide financials.

The Nedbank business loan under the Khula scheme is among the most popular as they require a small or no asset to be placed as collateral. These loans are backed by the government's Khula Enterprise Finance. You can borrow between R100 000 and R3 million provided that you qualify for participating in the scheme and meet the bank's requirements as well. These are the most easily accessible and the least risky loans so you should certainly try using one.

Traditional Nedbank business loans are secured

We are based on collateral provided by the business owner. This can be a privately owned property of the company. The size of the loan depends on the value of the collateral. Since the loans are secured, the interest rates are quite competitive and fairly affordable. However, the risk for the entrepreneur is quite high.

There are Nedbank business loans to suit the needs and requirements of virtually every business in South Africa. Our loans are reliable. With the right debt consolidation strategy, you can secure flattering terms and conditions.

An overdraft account

This allows you to keep your cash flow working for you it offers a capital finance solution that will allow you to pay your creditors whilst you are waiting for payments from debtors to come in.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

This company they are amazing they take the time to let you know they will help you and they go over and above for you.

Angela K
— Port Elizabeth —

June 2019

They are willing to phone you back once you have sent through your application.

Johnny M
— Cape Town —

April 2019

Their application is simple and can be done online which makes it easier if you don’t have the time to go to the bank.

Meg W
— Cape Town —

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