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With Car Finance, you can expect only the most affordable car finance for blacklisted with competitive rates and convenient repayment term. The company has extensive experience in the industry. It helps thousands of blacklisted South Africans purchase their dream car every year.

It is simple and straightforward.

The company complies fully with the rules and regulations of the National Credit Act and bases its products and services on the principle of full transparency. The car finance application takes place entirely online. The experienced customer service specialists take the client through the entire process for maximum convenience and peace of mind.

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You want to purchase a vehicle and to get finance in the form of a car loan, but you are blacklisted so turning your plans into reality seems extremely difficult. The good news is that there is solution to your problem from CAR-FINANCE. You can easily obtain car finance, personal finance or rent to own. There is nothing to be ashamed of or to worry about when you are blacklisted.

You are not the only one.

In a bad debt situation, you can rely on CAR-FINANCE to provide full assistance to you in the form of a quick loan to buy the car you want. You can choose from several different service options so you have great flexibility. Consider your personal situation to find out which option will be suitable for you.

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  • Car Loans
  • Vehicle Finance 
  • Car Insurance 
  • Vehicle Testing

Car Finance - Are the Deals Worthwhile

You dream of having a car which matches all of your needs and requirements. The question is how to find the right finance deal. This Car Finance car loans review can help you answer it. Car Finance is a brokerage service specialising in car loans. The company serves individual customers by finding the most suitable loan from the lenders in South Africa based on the customers' individual requirements. It operates entirely online and this makes it services super easy and quick to use. It has extensive experience and expertise and good reputation. It is trustworthy.

a great variety for you to pick from

The main benefit of the Car Finance car loans is that there is a great variety for you to pick from. There is literally something for everyone. You will gain access to the car loans of all major banks in South Africa and many smaller lenders. The broker offers finance loans for financing the purchase of a vehicle. With such a deal, you can borrow up to R150 000. The blacklisted individuals can take advantage of rent-to-own packages which eliminate the need for dealing with a lender. The company provides lease vehicle finance as well.

we do the comparison shopping for you

Since the broker searchers a large database of vehicle finance deals, you can expect to get perfect affordable interest rate and repayment term and schedule. Car Finance will do the comparison shopping for you to give you the best deal. You will save time and money. Another major advantage of working with this particular brokerage company is that they offer a specially designed service for repairing your credit score and history. With Clear and Repair, you will use a precise plan for improving your credit record.

You will certainly benefit from what is on offer

This expert plan will target all issues and deal with them. By using this service, you will boost your chances of finding an affordable loan deal from a reputable lender. Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of the lower interest rates offered to people with good credit history. This review finds the Car Finance car loans to be some of the best in the market. The company's services are reliable and comprehensive and you can apply for a loan online to begin your journey. 

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