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With thousands of happy customers, our company is a leader in the provision of services for car purchase, finance and insurance. When you want to buy a new or used car, you do not have to go to different product and service providers.

We offer the full deal.

You simply need to use our effective three-step system. You get to select a car available for sale, secure the finance which you need to buy it and get insurance cover. It's that easy. Our experts are always there to provide complete assistance. We have the best deals in the market and we are very proud of this.

You get an affordable car and affordable car finance and insurance at the same time.

Services –

You should definitely try our used car search so that you can find the ideal vehicle and car loan for you. Just outline your criteria and use them for conducting the search. The perfect match will be revealed in  a matter of split seconds. You will get exactly what you want right away without wasting any time.

Browse, Search, Find and Apply

You can readily browse our used cars for sale stock if you are a business owner or manager. You can customise your search by entering the car brand of your choice, the area or category. You can make full use of our top car model searches. You will certainly get what you have come to us for - the perfect car and the most affordbale vehicle finance.

Summary of Services

  • Car Loans
  • Short-term Personal Loans 
  • Vehicle Finance

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Block E, Hans Merensky Office Park, 32 Van Buuren Road, Bedfordview, Gauteng, 2008, South Africa
Ph: 011 450 2450

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