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About – Easy Car Finance

Easy Car Finance have partnered with the right people in the country, to allow quick and easy payouts to clients who are in need of affordable vehicle finance.

Smooth and hassle-free service

We have the ability to provide vehicle finance, and arrange all the necessary steps in order for our clients to receive a smooth and hassle-free service, from a financial provider who want the best possible end result for our customers.

Highly competitive packages

With efficient and well skilled staff, equipped with the expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are highly competitive in the vehicle finance market. With fixed interest rates and refinance options, we have all you need and want in a provider.

Making car finance easy 

Our experience dates back many years, assisting clients in every category of vehicle finance requirements. With simple-to-use processes, making life a little easier, we have been able to speed up the entire application process right through to the point where you drive off in your car of choice.

With online technology paving the way to innovative processes in our industry, we have adapted to the trends and come up with a better and more user friendly version of getting car finance online.

What makes us different, is our 24/7 service to our clients. When you want to access our services, we don’t put a time on it, you can apply online any time and any day at your convenience.

Services – Easy Car Finance

Are you looking for a competitive financial product within the vehicle industry?

We are more than your average South African provider, we are completely customer focused, and continue to provide new and impressive ways to ensure our clients receive what they want when they need it.

Exceptional service and products 

This means we need to be on top of he market trends, at all times, ensuring our processes and delivery of the end product are nothing short of exceptional.

Some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Our clients get a centralised national call centre 24/7, equipped with knowledgeable staff, who know the industry well
  • Our clients get a fast, streamlined and secure online loan platform to enable them to process their applications whenever they please
  • Clients get approval on the pre-approved vehicle loan within 15 minutes, to secure their vehicle of choice
  • We offer our clients above and beyond services, including the ability to secure roadworthy requirements on a new or used vehicle
  • We can provide optional value added service towards your vehicle finance which go hand in hand with your needs, including comprehensive vehicle insurance, and refinancing options, to use as you please

Best rates in the industry

We negotiate the very best rates and premiums with affordable repayment terms to suit each client individually.

Summary of Services

  • CAR Finance
  • LUXURY & Sports Car Finance
  • MOTORCYCLE Finance
  • CARAVAN Finance

 Easy Car Finance offer 24/7 service delivery on our vehicle finance

Do you want the freedom and the convenience to access vehicle finance 24/7, from our easy to use online platform?

We offer competitive rates on cars, bikes, caravans and more. We also offer the value added benefit of being able to refinance your vehicle loan, to use for whatever you please. We have a very high approval rate, and don’t require a deposit. Our services are fast, with pre-approval on a vehicle loan within only 15 minutes. With a few easy steps, you can be well on your way to owning the vehicle you want.

Step one

Apply on our simple and quick online application. We have provided an online calculator to help you determine how much you can afford to borrow and what your repayment structure would be. This will in turn speed up your application. Wait no longer than 15 minutes, and get notified of your pre-approved finance from us directly to your email or telephone via SMS.

Step two

Your application once submitted online, will be dealt with by a designated consultant, who is one of many experienced and highly knowledgeable in the finance industry. We provide a VIP service to all our clients, and will keep you updated of any outcome throughout the application process. We will inform you timeously whether or not your application has been approved, and more times than not, if you have received loan pre-approval, you will most likely be approved for the amount you have requested.

Step three

It’s time to buy your car. The moment you have been waiting for is now here. After you have found the vehicle you wish to purchase, we will arrange the necessary payment to the dealer or seller, in order for you to get your car as soon as possible. Clients are to ensure that the vehicles they choose to purchase are no more than ten years old in order to be approved for finance.

The greatest moment of our jobs, is seeing our clients drive off in their new car, which we helped them get, and following through on our service delivery with a happy client every time.

 Contact Details

8 Melville Rd, Illovo, Sandton, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa Em: [email protected]

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