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About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue comprises a team of highly qualified individuals who make it the leader in negotiating the most appropriate debt consolidation deals for customers in South Africa.

Debt Rescue negotiates with its extensive network of credit providers to provide budget assistance for clients by consolidating debts into one manageable payment.

Debt Rescue has high standards

The credit solutions provider is in the unique position of having the expertise of competent credit counsellors who with creative thinking, can negotiate reduced monthly payments with a client’s creditors. Another advantage of using Debt Rescue is that they can assist clients in over 9 different languages.

They are therefore trailblazers when it comes to diversity and inclusivity and will go the extra mile to assist every client in the best possible way. Debt Rescue sets the bar high – very high in fact – when it comes to servicing their clients.

Clients can rest assured that they need not worry about confidentiality and privacy when applying for a debt consolidation loan. Debt Rescue has all the safety and security measures in place to keep it confidential between the company and the customer.

Debt Rescue is there to save their clients

The debt counsellor’s overall goal is to ensure that its clients become debt-free at the end of their journey with them. Debt Rescue has some of the strongest and most secure relationship networks with creditors out there in the market. This allows them to negotiate much better repayment terms on their clients’ behalf.

Debt Rescue staff are highly trained in all rules governing the Finance Credit Act and will therefore only negotiate debt counselling agreements that they know customers can afford. They are highly skilled in analysing and providing information on clients’ credit reports. This means that clients can use this information and advice to help them source loans in the future.

The company offers debt consolidation, debt counselling, and debt management services to help clients with every financial problem they may have.

Debt Rescue Services

Debt Rescue knows that time is valuable for their debt consolidation clients.

With this in mind, they have devised an online system that is easy, simple, and fast to use. So, clients do not have to make appointments, call an agent or visit an office to get things done. Instead, clients can get their debt consolidation application processed through DEBT RESCUE’S online platform. This allows clients to apply online from the comfort of their home or their office at work.

Benefits of debt rescue debt consolidation

  • Free personalised debt assessments
  • Consultants will set up a client’s rescue plan
  • Clients receive protection from creditors
  • One affordable payment
  • Clients can save money with reduced payments and interest

Click now on their online link and grab an opportunity for a negotiated consolidation loan to help regain control of your finances.

A life-boat that saves clients from debt

Debt Rescue is primarily focused on seeing its clients attain the financial freedom they so desperately want with affordable debt consolidation products. By just completing their online application form, Debt Rescue will have a clear indication of a client’s entire debt situation. They will get to work immediately on finding a valuable solution to any debt problems.

The debt counsellor knows that many South Africans are almost drowning in debt, not necessarily through their own making. Having to see to a family’s daily care means that clients might take on more debt they can handle.

Debt Rescue has the solution for these clients. They offer top-class debt consolidation, and debt review services that give many cash-strapped South Africans peace of mind.

Debt Rescue – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Debt Rescue

  • Free personalised debt assessments
  • We set up your rescue plan
  • Get protected from creditors
  • One affordable payment

Debt Rescue: Your 1-stop shop for Debt management solutions

A major advantage of a financial management plan through Debt Rescue is that clients can have enough cash at the end of the month to use towards living expenses.

They will also find clients a debt counsellor who really cares about their financial well-being.

How the process works

  • The company will draw up a proposed debt solution for the client – by assessing current debts it can see whether a client qualifies for their debt consolidation services.
  • Clients can either apply online, through an emailed application or telephonically. Or they can help the client in person.
  • Debt Rescue finance consultant will need a list of all clients’ outstanding amounts with creditors.
  • The company will contact all the clients’ creditors to see if they can reduce premiums, interest, and fees on outstanding accounts. This will all be consolidated into one amount.
  • Clients will find massive savings in the difference between the initial amount compared to the amount Debt Rescue has negotiated on their behalf.

Debt Rescue will get a court order on the client’s behalf to protect him or her throughout the period of the debt counselling agreement.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

Debt Rescue has always ensured that you get a loan that would suit your budget without fail.

Mbali M
— Mpumalanga —

April 2021

I would recommend Debt Rescue if you looking for affordable credit offers.

Yonela N
— Eastern Cape —

Debt Rescue Contact

Physical Address

  • 85 Friedman St, Kempton Park Johannesburg Gauteng 1619 South Africa
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Opening Hours

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