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About – American Express

American Express is one of the largest financial firms in the country.

We have an ability to cut through the small talk, and deliver without hassles. We have built our services on open communication with our clients, as well as a high expectation on our service delivery.

With financial products a list long, there is no end to the services we can provide to our clients.

Getting a Credit Card could never be easier

Along with our banking and credit card solutions, our clients reap the benefits and rewards of value added services a mile long.

Through sustainable innovation, we use technology to process our applications from beginning to end, ensuring that your credit card application is uniquely structured within the guidelines of your budget and within the terms you require. Our full rounded service allows clients to look forward to getting credit on hand when they need it, for business, pleasure or general day-to-day expenses.

Global coverage of financial aspects and reach

By thinking smart, using innovation to our advantage, to create smoother processes, quicker transactions, and the back-up quality care from our team when our clients need them. American Express will take on your credit card application and offer you the best suited credit option for your specific needs.

Services – American Express

Our credit cards are available to clients for personal, business and other needs throughout their lives.

We offer a number of credit card options for our South African clients. The Platinum Credit Card, the Gold Credit Card and the Blue Credit Card, all offer unique features, allowing you the peace of mind that you will have credit on hand to purchase whatever you like when you want it.

Endless options and we have all you need here at American Express

Platinum Credit Card - Our clients are provided with 8 free access visits, to the Premier Club Bidvest lounges throughout South Africa. Earn points when swiping your card and enjoy the rewards. Clients can get the benefits of a car upgrade through Hertz car rental. Get supplementary credit cards for your family and friends – as Platinum Credit Card holders.

Gold Credit Card – Get the flexibility and financial backup of credit through our Gold Card features. When travelling and buying your travel tickets with your Gold Credit Card, you automatically get R1 million insurance cover, for local and international travel. We provide a credit protection plan on your card of up to R150 000 on your credit card balance.

Blue Credit Card – Get R150 000 credit protection on your outstanding credit balance on your Blue Credit Card, as well as easy budget facility for purchases over R300. We provide flexible and affordable terms of between 3 to 36 months.

Responsible and reliable lender

Because we offer credit facilities in a responsible manner, we will not allow our clients to fall into debt that they cannot afford to repay back.

Summary of Services

  • PERSONAL Banking
  • BUSINESS Banking
  • LOW-INTEREST Credit cards

Expect innovative tools & expertise to provide the best credit card solutions in SA

American Express offer credit card solutions to help you earn points while you spend, and you get over and above benefits through every transaction.

Minimum requirements

To qualify for one of our credit card options, there are certain criteria you will need to meet, including:

  • YOUR AGE, as you need to be legally able to have a banking account and earn a salary. You must be under the pension age of around 65 years. You will need to provide a copy of your ID book in order to prove your age during application.
  • YOUR INCOME plays a pivotal part of your application. You would need to be permanently employed, earning a monthly salary. Providing a salary slip and bank account statements would be a requirement upon application.
  • SHOULD YOU have been employed at the same place of work for quite a long period, this will show stability in your job as well as in your income, which can benefit you substantially when applying for credit card finance.
  • YOUR CREDIT score. We will also play a part in your financial credibility. We do a credit check on our cents during the application process, so should you have a credit problem, it would need to be a very slight one.
  • THE CREDIT amount required and the card option will be allocated according to what your income is. We will provide you with the card that fits your budget, the credit you can afford, and the repayment terms, which are in line with the credit card you qualify for.

Why should you choose American Express?

Our processes are simple, our staff are accommodating and friendly, and we have many years’ experience in our group, mastering the art of credit facilities and credit card solutions for our clients.

 Contact Details

Century City Dr, Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441, South Africa
Ph: 021 555 2917