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About Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue comprises of a team of highly qualified individuals making you feel assured that you are in capable hands!

Our processes are intended to help customers stressed with debt; through negotiation with a credit provider’s budget assistance as well as reduced repayments and the reshuffle of debts.

A diverse debt procedure

We are privileged to have the expertise of competent credit counsellors who have many years’ experience in creating better solutions through creative thinking and negotiating power to reduce your monthly terms with your creditors. We can assist clients in over 9 different languages.

We are diverse, and simply go the extra mile to assist every client we possibly can.

We offer an extremely high level of service to our clients. We treat every client with respect and the highest level of confidentiality. We find many clients detour from our solution because they worry about their privacy. You can rest assured that we have procedures in place and your privacy is our top priority.

The main aim of what we do

Our overall goal to provide a solution you are comfortable with, and what works effectively for you, to become debt-free at the end of the journey with us. Because of our leverage in the industry, we have strong relationships with creditors, which enable us to negotiate much better repayment terms on your behalf.

Apply for a loan in comfort

One of the most beneficial factors we offer our clients are a convenience, of not having to make appointments with us, but instead, get everything processed through our online platform. This allows you to apply online from wherever you are, whenever you like.

Debt Rescue Services

Debt Rescue has a proven and effective way to get out of debt for good.

A consolidation loan under one reduced monthly payment can change your life for the better from day one. No more harassment from creditors threatening to hand you over. No more having an empty bank account after you have paid your accounts.

No more stress on your shoulders

Live your life; hassle free, knowing that you are on your way to financial freedom. By simply completing our online application form, we can get a clear indication of your debt situation, and start working on a valuable solution to your debt problems.

We services to clients who are over-indebted

This means that you have taken on more debt than what you can handle. You may be at the point that you can’t even afford to make the payments each month. We offer debt consolidation, debt counselling, debt review and debt management services to help you with every debt problem you may have.

Don’t let the stress of your finance take over your life, there is a solution and it all starts as soon as you make contact.

Debt Rescue is your 1-stop-shop for a reduced single monthly repayment; reduce your monthly payments on your debts each month, and get out of debt.

How Debt consolidation can help you?

You can have enough cash at the end of the month to use towards your living expenses. Get protected from legal processes that can occur when you miss a payment on your accounts. Get a debt counsellor who really cares about your financial wellbeing.

Debt Rescue – Debt consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Debt Rescue

  • Free personalised debt assessments
  • We set up your rescue plan
  • Get protected from creditors
  • One affordable payment

Debt Rescue: Your 1-stop shop for Debt management solutions

With just 5 steps, you can become free of debts for good.

We will draw up a proposed debt solution for you, by assessing your current owing debts, and see whether or not you qualify for our debt consolidation and counselling services.

How to apply with Debt Rescue?

Simply complete our loan application form with all your personal details. Throughout the process, we encourage clients to be totally honest with the information they give us, to allow us to help you with our services. Clients can either apply online, through an emailed application or telephonically. We can also help you in person. The choice is yours!

How does it all work?

We will need a list of all your outstanding amounts with your creditors. We can then process an assessment on your debt situation, firstly to see if you qualify for our debt solutions, and how much debt you have in total.

We will contact all your creditors to see if we can reduce your premiums, interest and fees on your outstanding accounts. This will all be consolidated into one amount, which will be your new monthly instalments. You will find massive savings in the difference of the initial amount compared to the amount we have negotiated on your behalf.

You will be protected from creditors calling you for payments, as well as any legal action your creditors may have over you. We get a court order on your behalf from the court to protect you throughout your debt counselling agreement.

You will immediately feel a sense of relief from your very first payment. Having more cash in your bank account each month, to live comfortably, rather than having to use credit cards to pay for your daily living.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Debt Rescue has always ensured that you get a loan that would suit your budget without fail.

Mbali M
— Mpumalanga —

April 2019

I would recommend Debt Rescue if you looking for affordable credit offers.

Yonela N
— Eastern Cape —

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