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About – Debt Therapy

Debt Therapy is your online platform to getting debt counselling, debt review and debt consolidation.

We work in accordance to the regulations of the National Credit Act of 2005, working in line with our client’s affordability.

Opportunities for our clients, which will change their lives for good

There is no greater feeling in the world than being financially free of debt.

Not having to worry about being hassled by creditors asking for payments. Being able to afford to buy something cash when you need it, and being able to save cash each month, because you have the cash to save. These are all the realities of what our clients are able to do, with the help of our solutions.

Top lender in the SA

We have been named one of the Top 5 debt counselling companies in South Africa for three years, and the reason for this is our ability to provide a system that works for our clients.

Transparent and reliable

We don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors; we simply lay down the truth and provide the service you need. We keep in constant communication with our clients, through a team of highly experienced debt counsellors, who are always there to assist you when you need them.

Services – Debt Therapy

We are not just a lending firm, nor do we offer a quick fix to getting out of financial trouble.

We offer a long term promise to those who are committed to become debt-free for good.

A loan that suits your budget

Our debt solutions are offered through careful assessments of your personal criteria and your financial situation, we create a customised offer for you that will meet your budget and offer a long term get out of debt for good solution.

Using credit to get by each month, adds up and your eventually take out more credit to cover your existing loans or to pay off your debt. The vicious circle continues, till you becomes extremely stressed with the debt trap you have wallowed into, and can’t seem to get out of.

Being over indebted is not the end, there is help

We provide debt solutions to help clients in these situations, without offering more loans to cover them.

Take control of your financial situation now

Once you decide to make this choice, you are already on the right track to being free of debt. Let us consolidate your debt into one simple affordable payment each month, and feel the pressure of your monthly payments drop to an amount that you can actually afford.

Summary of Services

  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt counselling
  • Financial advice

Debt Therapy consolidates your debt & reduces your monthly payment to one affordable instalment

Debt counselling, debt review and debt consolidation are all the solutions we offer our clients at Debt Therapy.

We are fast becoming one of the country’s top debt counselling firms, who offer valuable assistance to clients who want to become debt-free. We offer clients a convenient and easy way to resolve their debt problems.

Some of our benefits include

  • NO call centres, NO appointments, NO wasting time!
  • WE provide free consultations with quick easy processes
  • YOUR information is kept confidential at all times
  • WE can consolidate your debt into one reduced monthly payment

How to apply

Take advantage of these quick easy steps to get started to the road to being debt-free:

  1. Apply online through our easy to understand application form. Submit to us and let us evaluate your debt situation. We will need a list of all your creditors with outstanding amount, a copy of your salary slip, and recent bank statements.
  2. We will contact your creditors to negotiate your monthly instalments into a much lower reduced payment. We will also inform them that you are now undergoing debt review, and they can no longer harass you with calls for payments.
  3. We will represent you in court to get a court order, for your creditors to state you are undergoing debt review, and the amounts they have agreed to will be finalised
  4. We will present you with your new repayment structure, which will be only one reduced monthly instalment. We will consolidate all your debt under one solution, so that when you pay your one instalment, the NCR will distribute all the separate payments to your creditors.
  5. When you are completely finished paying off your debts, you will be cleared on the credit bureau as well as with your creditors.

There is a solution to getting out of debt

This method is a permanent solution, and works with clients who are committed to getting debt-free. You will not however, be able to make any debt when under debt review, and won’t be able to use any form of credit. You will have one reduced payment, making life more affordable and stress free.

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