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About – Debt Fresh

Debt Fresh is a registered financial services provider that offers debt counselling services to South African citizens. There is no need trying to force settling loans while it has become financially difficult to keep pressing on.

Trust us to make your money problems fade away

There is nothing wrong with taking up credit plans as long as you can pay for them. the only problem is when you start falling behind on your financial obligations or taking more loans to cover payments. This only means one underlying truth; there is a long road you have to embark on until you are debt free.

Everything is completed at your convenience

The reason we want to help clients with debt assistance is that we want them to be able to live a life without the constant stress of worrying about picking up your phone because you worried it might be creditors.

How does the process work?

It will take us a day to go through your application. This is on the provision that you have furnished us with all the relevant documents.

Services – Debt Fresh

What we always aim for is to ensure those debt payments of your loans are up to date. There is no point with settling other loans and leaving other financial obligations as unpaid.

This will mean your reputation as a customer and whenever you would like to apply for credit in the near future will be jeopardized. It is imperative that you submit salary documents, individual identity documents, marriage certificates if applicable and loan statements.

What steps should you take to be debt free?

As much as the end goal might be to clear your debt, there are a number of processes that need to be executed before it comes down to that. Furthermore, you have to ensure that you have a consolidated debt that renders your loans easier to pay off.

Debt Fresh practices responsible lending

The National Credit Act permits lending to a certain degree. If you would like to apply for debt counselling this then means you need assistance when it comes to paying your loans. This is an effective way to manage your debt.

Summary of Services

  • DEBT Review
  • DEBT Counselling

Get the Debt Fresh solution to financial freedom today

An investigation has to be conducted in order to determine that you qualify for debt counselling.

Only after this analysis has been done will you be under debt review if the findings recorded find that you are above the financial limit.

Debt counselling

A number of customers might think they need debt counselling; only to find out they just need to spend their money a lot wiser. After all, if you don’t have any financial discipline, it will be difficult to pull through. If you want to change your financial ways, you need to be able to commit to sticking well within your budget.

We have to thoroughly go through the information that you have submitted for our attention. We will ensure that we come up with a lower payment plan that you have to pay for every single month until your debt has been settled.

After we have communicated with your creditors, they will no longer call you because we would have agreed on the terms and conditions that will be incorporated going forward. Furthermore, you will now have no worry about picking up your phone because your creditors will no longer be pestering you with phone calls. The money will be deducted straight from your bank account on a day acceptable for you and the creditors. After this, you will be on the right path to financial freedom.

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