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About – Debt Fresh

We are a debt counselling firm in South Africa, offering clients a path to financial freedom.

When you feel the pressure of overwhelming debt over your head, and simply can’t afford to pay all your instalments each month, it’s time to get some help. We help your clients get instant relief from their debt as well as legal protection from creditors who constantly phone you each month asking for payment.

We take your financial situation and provide light at the end of the tunnel

Our clients only pay one reduced instalment each month, and we make sure that all your creditors are paid their new instalments on time. All South Africans earning a monthly salary can apply for our services. We care about the service we provide, and are passionate about helping people in getting debt free.

Our services are completely confidential

We know your financial information is a delicate topic, and you don’t want your employer or your friends to know you are seeking debt assistance. We do not disclose any of your information to anyone; your personal information is protected at all times.

The process of our services is handled quickly

Your initial application will be processed within a day or two, and we will restructure your repayment amounts with your creditors in a maximum of 60 days, depending how fast your creditors respond to our requests.

Services – Debt Fresh

Debt Fresh knows debt better than anyone.

We help our clients afford their monthly debt payments, and offer debt review services, to keep you safeguarded against any legal matters that you may incur for being late and behind on payments. We ensure your creditors are paid ever month and you never have to worry about your debt again.

Simply download an application form from our website to get started

We will need a few supporting documents with your completed application form including:

  • A CLEAR and valid copy of your ID Document
  • A RECENT payslip
  • YOUR CREDITOR details and loan statements
  • YOUR MARRIAGE certificate – spouses details and income details if you share expenses with your spouse
  • ALL LEGAL documentation you have received from creditors etc.

We will be in touch with you soonest to discuss the next steps of becoming debt free

We don’t lend our clients cash; we don’t provide an overnight quick fix that will clear your debt. We provide a long term solution, which will ensure you stay away from taking out any more debts, and offer you a more affordable single instalment on your consolidated debt each month.

Summary of Services

  • Debt solutions
  • Debt review options
  • Debt counselling
  • Debt advice

Get the Debt Fresh assistance to financial freedom today

Debt Fresh in South Africa, offer step by step processes to help clients who need debt relief, in getting their debt under control.

Responsible lender

We work in line with the National Credit Act to allow our clients to apply for debt counselling and debt review solutions, which will help them, manage your debt through convenient repayment terms. If you are over your head in debt, and not coming out financially each month then you may need to look into one of these worthwhile options.

To apply for Debt Review

STEP 1 – Contact us for your initial assessment. You can call us via the telephone number provided on our website, or simply email us. Include supporting documents with your email such as your ID, bank statements, a recent salary advice and all your creditor information including the amounts you owe. This information will allow us to work out if you qualify for debt review, and what your options will be. We will be in touch with you to discuss your future payment plan, and the terms of being under debt review. This can be done over the telephone or in person, depending on where you are situated, and what is convenient for you.

STEP 2 – We will verify and assess all the information you have provided to us, and create a proposal for you. This will include a repayment amount which will cover all your total outstanding amounts at a reduced fee, which we will work out with your creditors.

STEP 3 – We will be in touch with all your creditors to let them know that you are under debt review. They will be given a legal document which will keep you clear of having creditors phoning you for payments each month. We will negotiate lower repayment terms on your behalf with each creditor and finalise your contract.

STEP 4 – You will receive a copy of your new budget and payment plan, which from one monthly instalment; will be distributed amongst all your creditors at their new reduced payment terms. This will be deducted from your bank account on the same day each month, till all your debts are paid in full.

 Contact Details

91 Mangold St, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6055, South Africa
Ph: 087 237 9901
Em: [email protected]

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