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About – Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue has been around a number of years, helping all South Africans who have accumulated a large amount of debt and, can no longer afford to pay the monthly instalments.

Life can be a challenge and being able to afford the cost of living without using credit isn't easy. Unfortunately, all these little short term loans and store cards tend to accumulate - leaving you in a debt situation which can easily spin out of control.

You are not alone

More than half the population is struggling with the same problem and, it’s up to you to do something about it, before you have to give up everything you own, just to stay above the debt trap.

When you sign up as a client at Debt Rescue, you're already one step closer to recovering from a difficult debt situation. We will assist you to consolidate your debts into one amount, leaving you only one instalment to pay every month. We are not a quick cash or quick fix company. We are not a loan company. We are here to protect you from creditors breaking down your door and, help you come up with a suitable and affordable instalment to finally pay off all your accumulated debts.

Debt Rescue offers our clients:

  • The ability to pay off all your debt with a debt consolidation loan that offers one easy and affordable monthly instalment 
  • We work out a monthly rate allowing you to have extra money to spend on other things
  • We minimise your monthly instalment to a lower amount
  • You can repay your instalments over a longer period
  • We handle all your creditors for you
  • You are protected! The National Credit Act will prevent you from being blacklisted

Debt Rescue can offer clients an effective solution to reducing the financial burdens of paying off numerous creditors every month. Our process is simple and affordable and allows you to pay off your debt by making only one instalment, at a lower rate, each month. 

Services – Debt Rescue

You need not make a face to face appointment to apply for debt consolidation with Debt Rescue. In fact, it’s as easy as sending an email or, picking up the phone.

We also have an online calculator which can assist you in working out how much debt you actually have and, how much you can afford to pay off the one inclusive instalment and, over what period of time.

The process of completing the online loan application, right through to paying off your consolidated debt, is a simple one.

Our Application Process:

  • Simply complete the application form - which can be done either telephonically, face to face or by email
  • Let us determine whether or not you will be eligible for debt consolidation through our debt counselling process. If you have more debt than what you earn, you will qualify for debt review. If this is the case, we will be the mediator to your creditors, and carry on with further discussions with them in order to negotiate a reduced time period over which you will pay off your accounts.
  • Once we have a clear indication of all your debt, we will work out an affordable instalment rate for you to pay off every month, which will allow you to pay off your one consolidated loan over a longer period, with no hassles from your creditors.
  • We will do all the legal paper work for you, keeping you legally protected from any actions against you from banks and loan officers. All your creditors will be informed of your debt review or debt counselling, keeping you clear from harassment.
  • One monthly repayment will be paid to the PDA, who will spread it across your list of creditors, ensuring each one receives the agreed upon payment each month.
  • When you have completed paying for your consolidation account, your names will be cleared from the credit list with a simple certificate stating you are eligible to apply for credit again.

To make the process simple for you, we have technology on our side. 

Summary of Services

  • DEBT counselling

Debt Rescue - A Summary of our Services

Debt Rescue gives you more reasons than ever to get yourself out of the overwhelming debt trap of multiple payments every month. We won't surprise you with extra fees along the way; all our fees are included in the customised payment plan created for you.

These fees are regulated by the National Credit Act, ensuring that you receive a payment plan which you can comfortably afford. Our entire brand is run by expert staff, who know the business and know our client’s needs.

Let the experts help you

When you partner with Debt Rescue, you know you're getting professional and expert advice and service. By understanding the debt process, we will guide you and assist you in facing the challenges ahead without the stress. Our counsellors are competent and empathetic to your situation. With stern relationships in place with the majority of credit providers, we have the ability to work on your behalf in negotiating the best and most affordable instalments; making life a lot easier for you and allowing you to adapt to a budget you can live on - comfortably.

We are highly rated as one of the preferred debt counselling firms to adopt and partner with in the country. We have a reputation for being the firm of choice when it comes to helping clients with their financial obligations and lowering your monthly instalment via a consolidated approach. When you build a profile with us, we get our specialist forces in on your account, making use of our attorneys to ensure that you don't get hassled by creditors.

We make your contract binding - protecting you from losing your valuables. Our team will protect you from the challenges ahead, as long as you stick to the agreed monthly instalments and, your contract. We have a diverse team which are able to assist you in 9 languages - so we will understand your needs in whatever language you prefer. Making life even easier, our online loan application process can be done anywhere in the country. All our applications and consultations are done via email or telephone, whatever suits you best.

Your information is confidential

All our applications are processed with the utmost confidentiality, keeping your situation completely discrete. We know being in a hard financial situation can be devastating enough, and having your employees or friends knowing where you stand is not what we are here to do. This is solely between you, the customer and, us. We want you to know you are not alone.

Believe it or not, more than half the country is experiencing the same or a similar problem you yours. Almost half of South Africans have a not-so-perfect credit record. We are here to help you get back on track, and still be able to pay off your debts with cash to spare at the end of the day.

At Debt Rescue, we aim to assist in providing a brighter financial future for clients who find themselves with more debt that they can afford to pay off each month. For many years, we have had the opportunity to help thousands of people get back on track with their budget, and be able to live better lives. When partnering with a debt management company, clients put their deepest confidential information out there, and need a firm that they can trust.

At Debt Rescue, you can be sure you will be getting a trusted partner, who not only acts with discretion, but actually cares about the path to your financial freedom. We ensure you receive the best quality services, with experienced and trusted staff throughout this journey with us. We are constantly and always available to help you whenever you need assistance, and will help answer all your questions throughout the process.

The bright side to Debt Counselling!

Often clients are a little intimidated or scared to sign into a partnership where the word debt counselling stands out. This is misinterpreted, and should rather be seen as a Doctor for your Debt! If you have reached the point where you have too much debt, and cannot afford your monthly instalments, you may have no other choice but to seek help. Getting the right help is important.

Taking out more debt to cover your original debt can only dig a deeper hole and you may end up losing valuable that you weren’t expecting to cover bills. There is a way to get through this and we can help. Our debt counselling process is there to assist you in managing your debt and finding a solution to your financial stability.

Debt Rescue makes your life easier!

Our clients can sign into an agreement allowing us to negotiate with your creditors a lower instalment over a term period which allows you to pay one amount every month which will be dispersed amongst all your creditors. This amount will be less than what you are paying in total instalments monthly, making it a lot more affordable. Now you can afford to pay back your debt, with Debt Rescue by your side, protecting you legally from harassing phone calls from banks, lenders and stores asking for money.

Benefits of using Debt Rescue:

  • We will review your finances and develop an affordable and customised monthly budget for you. We will do all the negotiating with your creditors, on your behalf. 
  • You will now be able to afford to pay off your monthly instalments
  • You will be legally safe from hounding harassment calls asking for payment
  • You won’t have to declare insolvency
  • We pave the road to becoming debt free
  • No more judgements against you

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