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About – LegalWise

Legal Wise is well known around the country for their experience in ensuring the successful outcomes in debt counselling and restructuring of budgets for clients.

More than half the country's citizens are experiencing some form of debt problems. Be it store accounts, credit cards or multiple personal loans taken over periods of time. They all mount up to hefty weights over our shoulders, till we reach the point where we're unable to repay the instalments.

Proven Track Record!

We take out more loans to cover existing loans and, end up having to let go of the valuable assets we own to cover our debts.

Legal Wise has made this choice a lot easier for clients.

With a vast history of assisting clients with experience and industry knowledge; we have achieved impeccable results for all of our customers.

Debt Counselling - Here for You

In 2007 the National Credit Act brought out the guidelines and consumer regulations. Since then, debt counselling has become the one way to help clients get through their budgetary concerns, whilst protecting them from hassling creditors and court appearances.

Legal Wise have a number of services to assist you with your financial problems, with ease.

We're Committed, are you?

By committing yourself to making a change in your financial future, there is an upside to clearing your credit record and ruling out the fear of insolvency or liquidation.

Legal Wise is here to help you today!

Services – LegalWise

Legal Wise – your second chance at getting back on budget

Legal Wise offers customers security and protection, as well as a simple and affordable way to get their finances back on track. Once you make the decision to take control of your budget, we will be there for you throughout the journey. Customers sign an agreement with Legal Wise when they are at the point where they can no longer afford to pay the instalments on their loans and debts. When your debt exceeds your income, you know it’s time to consider this option.

How to qualify for debt review?

  • Individuals who are over-indebted earning a monthly or weekly salary can apply for debt consolidation and counselling
  • If you are retired, you can apply on your pensioners income
  • If you are a married couple, you can apply out of community of property for joint review
  • You must have an income or salary going into your bank account
  • You must be a South African resident

The process is reliable and simple!

  • Contact one of our experienced consultants and, together, you will determine whether you qualify or not.
  • The debt counsellor assigned to you will determine whether or not you are over-indebted – whereby this matter will go to court for a court order to be legally declared over-indebted.
  • Should you not be able to pay your monthly instalments on time, a new, structured budget negotiated with your creditors will be organised, providing you stick to the new payment agreement.
  • Your counsellor will inform your creditors of your debt review with a court order, which will specify your new repayment amounts, and discard any harassing phone calls from banks and stores asking for money.

Summary of Services

  • Debt Councelling

Let Legal Wise work for you – get your budget back on track!

All our debt counsellors are experienced and registered - giving our clients the security of legal representation, as well as the peace of mind, that they are getting superior debt-counselling service from industry experts. From application right through the final payment on your debt agreement, we will be there for you.

Not only do we help you restructure your repayments at a new, lower negotiated instalment, but we cover you legally against creditors hounding you for payments. We may have to obtain a court order legally binding you to your repayment obligations but, this is the negative side to debt counselling. This court order will protect you from any further damages such as judgements, insolvency and bankruptcy.

How Legal Wise can HELP YOU

We will conduct a thorough investigation, with your help and, look through all the debts you have to see whether you're a candidate for debt review or, debt counselling. We will work out and negotiate a new repayment plan on your loans and accounts, allowing you to actually afford to pay back your debts.

The consolidated total of your debt will include all charges and fees - we are completely transparent. Once you have your revised budget, you will immediately feel a sense of relief, as you will now have more money in your account at the end of the month to pay for life’s essentials, like food, petrol, clothes etc. 

We have all the services you need!

Legal Wise provides clients with all the services they need when it comes to paying off debts that are bringing you down. We offer legal counselling as well as a team of qualified representatives to keep you and your family out of any financial problems. With a number of membership options you can get Gold, GoldPLUS or Platinum Membership options, each with their own valuable ads.

With representation from Legal Wise, you get:

  • A dedicated consultant to help and guide you over 80 of our branches across the country
  • We offer 24 hour services through our LegalLine – we are always there when you need us
  • We have an entire network of legal representatives, should you need their assistance
  • Should you need alternate representations, we offer separate cover for example CCMA issues

When you feel the pinch of an empty bank account at the end of the month and, you still haven’t been able to cover your expenses, then it’s time to contact Legal Wise. We will assist you when you feel you can no longer afford to live because of overwhelming debts such as credit cards, store accounts and multiple personal loans.

It’s never too late to get help. SMS Debt to 43039 today and, take the first step to financial freedom.

 Contact Details

Office 1 Thibault Square, Western Cape, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
Ph: 021 419 6905 / 011 670 4500
Fx: 011 679 1049
Em: [email protected]

 Postal Address

P.O. Box 6144, , Weltevredenpark, 1715

 Opening Hours

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