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About – National Debt Advisors

NDA are well aware of the debt problems that are currently facing the majority of South Africans.

We know how difficult life can be with every day expenses mounting up by the minute. We understand how hard it is to get through the month without having to use accounts, credit cards and other forms of credit.

This in-depth understanding of the challenges facing our customers, combined with years of experience, allow us to provide financial solutions for consumers around South Africa who find themselves over indebted.

The NDA way to Solving and Clearing your Debt

Our process is a simple one and can be summarised in a number of steps. As long as you can commit to becoming debt free - we do most the work for you.  We have one goal and that is to support and guide your throughout the debt counselling process with our skills, experience and qualifications backing you up and helping you achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Our success rate in achieving this goal has been phenomenal, with clients reducing their repayment plans to their creditors and, simply living more comfortably. Getting your credit cleared at the end of the day is exceptionally rewarding, and you'll certainly pat yourself on the back for having the ambition to successfully become debt free.

Let us change your life for the better.

To get a loan is quite easy in our hyper-connected world and this makes reckless lending a common denominator in today’s society. Don’t let your debt take over your life and that of your family - NDA have a better solution.

Chat to one of our debt counsellors today, we are situated throughout the country and are available to help you today and everyday hereafter.

Services – National Debt Advisors

NDA have achieved mind-blowing success rates with our step by step debt counselling solution.

To get started on your road to financial freedom, just follow the process below:

STEP 1 – Send us your details through our online platform and one of our qualified experts will be in touch with you to get more information and assess your financial situation.

STEP 2 – we will establish how indebted you are by gathering a list of all your debts which include all your creditors and, the amounts owed to each of them. This includes all payday loans, credit cards, personal loans and accounts. From this information, we can establish if you are a candidate for debt counselling or debt review.

STEP 3 – we will then contact all of your creditors and, inform them of your contract with us and, that you're going under debt review or debt counselling. This will protect you from any legal action being taken against you going forward.

STEP 4 – we will request your creditors to provide us with your certificate of balance for your accounts and, amounts owing. We will then restructure and negotiate a repayment plan that will allow you to have some extra cash flow each month - this is the most exciting part for most customers.

STEP 5 – once a new repayment plan is in place, you will only have to pay one, consolidated instalment each month, instead of numerous repayments. This will be paid to the National Distribution Agency, who will distribute your payments to your creditors.

STEP 6 – our registered legal representation will appear on your behalf at the magistrates court to apply for, legally binding, court orders for your creditors’; this ensures you are never hassled by creditors during your debt counselling contract.

With NDA it's that simple to finally get a grip on your debt!

Summary of Services

  • Debt solutions
  • Debt review
  • Reckless lending
  • Debt rescue solutions
  • Debt mediation
  • Debt counselling
  • Debt management
  • Debt consolidation

How to Apply at NDA - Our Process

NDA offers clients, who are over their heads in debt, a financial solution which resolves their problem. We offer two major solutions; debt counselling and debt review.

The option that we will recommend to you will depend on how deep in debt you currently are and on what your individual situation is.

Debt Review

This option is for clients who are over-indebted and, realistically cannot afford to pay back their monthly instalments. When you're in this situation, you're risking losing valuable assets - which can be prevented under debt review.

More than half of South Africans are over indebted and, find freedom in turning to debt counsellors for assistance. We can help you get through this. Debt review is a way of protecting yourself from hassling creditors through legal court orders which we organise on your behalf, informing them of your situation.

We negotiate one repayment each month which then gets distributed among your creditors. The repayment each month will be more affordable, allowing you to afford to do a little extra with you paycheck at the end of the month.

Debt Counselling

This option is for clients who feel like their debts and over-lending has gotten out of control. We will assess all your accounts, credit cards and short term loans and negotiate better repayment plans for you.

We work in line with the National Credit Act, keeping you legally safe from any legal action which you may encounter due to missing payments or falling behind on your instalments.

We will restructure your budget, guiding you on the path to manage your debt better. We help you get off the path of reckless lending situations, such as when you find yourself taking out more cash loans to cover your initial loans.

Choose the road to financial freedom, and contact us today!

We are backed up by registered legal representation, should you encounter complications with any of your creditors and, protect you from losing your assets or going into insolvency.

The National Distribution Agency works closely with us to distribute you,r one instalment every month, to all your creditors.

Your payments will always be on time, avoiding any missed payments on your debts. Once you have finally settled all your debts, you will receive a certificate of clearance from your creditors. This will clear your name on the credit listings and, enable you to access credit once more. 

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Fx: 086 567 8123
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