A Guide to the Credit Card Reward Programmes

credit card rewards
Credit Card Rewards Guide for South Africans

The reward programmes are among the most attractive features of credit cards.

They are designed to reward you for every Rand that you spend. You can earn a fraction of the spent amount back in the form of cash, shopping discounts, free flights and spoils like restaurant dining and spa treatments.

While all this seems great, you need to acknowledge the fact that the credit cards with reward programmes typically have higher interest rates than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, you may be required to spend a set amount of money within a given period of time in order to be able to claim the rewards and this makes the credit cards even less advantageous.

That is why you should look into a reward program carefully to decide how much it will benefit you.

Credit cards for Bad credit

You can secure the best credit cards for blacklisted people in South Africa with a reward programme if you use the following tips:

- Compare many different credit cards and their reward programmes to figure out which one brings you maximum benefit at an affordable price. Check how much you have to spend before you can claim any rewards and how long the rewards will be valid.

- Select a program that provides discounts and other deals on products that you use on a regular basis. Make sure that you can use the discounts and deals with retailers that you shop from.

- Do not overestimate your spending capability for the sake of securing rewards. There is no point in spending more money and risking getting into more debt for the sake of saving on other things. The effect will be significantly reduced and possibly lost. Go for a programme that matches your spending habits and allows you to repay any debt comfortably while helping you save on goods and services.

- Keep an eye on the rewards that you earn and make it a point to use them before they expire. Your goal should be to make full use of the reward programme. Otherwise, there is little point in keeping a credit card with higher interest.

- Make sure that you use discounts on purchases that you normally make or have planned to make. However, there is no point in buying super expensive and possibly useless items just because you have the chance to save some money. The bill may turn out to be too high for your budget. Basically, you should resist the temptation to spend more which these rewards create.

Popular & reliable direct lenders offering Credit cards

  1. Absa Credit card


    • Full ATM functions
    • Build a credit history
    • Earn great rewards
  2. Capitec Credit card


    • Up To R500 000 Credit Limit
    • Earn Cash Back
    • Free Card Delivery
  3. RCS Credit card


    • 55-days Interest-Free
    • Flexible payment options
    • Customer Protection Insurance
  4. WesBank Credit card


    • Simple and secure
    • Fast online application
    • A range of benefits