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Letsatsi Finance is a registered credit provider with South Africa’s National Credit Regulator: NCRCP895

About – Letsatsi Finance

Letsatsi Finance & Loan is a micro finance specialist with over 17 years of experience and more than 40 offices throughout South Africa we have over 50 branches throughout South Africa with our head office situated in Rivonia Johannesburg.

Our mission is to bring affordable financial loan products to South African citizens that may not have been able to afford these loans in the past. Our vision is to bring affordable, reliable financing to our people and help them better manage their money so that they create wealth instead of debt.

Affordable and convenient loans

Our aim is to work directly with our clients and educate them on the benefits of saving and planning for the future. By doing this we will help improve living standards and overall financial wellbeing and help our clients achieve financial freedom through education.

We offer affordable and convenient micro finance which give you financial stability and peace of mind. Our full understanding of the challenges that our customers come across help us to provide complete assistance with overcoming them and sustaining financial success.

Our professional and friendly consultants are always ready to help with honest answers; we will explain the process in detail and make sure that you understand. Our consultants will treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve while finding you the best option to suit your requirements and your pocket.

Services – Letsatsi Finance

It is a fact that all South Africans are exposed to inflation within the national economy that means that prices of everyday items increase but most of the time your salary does not increase along with them.

This makes life very difficult for your already stretched budget and can quickly lead to the dreaded debt trap. Whenever the petrol prices go up, for instance, everything from electricity to food becomes more expensive and you find that your salary doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

Efficient, safe, dependable financial solutions

We help you cover unexpected expenses, pay your bills and cover your costs of living during the month. Our loans are also perfect for those unexpected emergency expenses. We provide both long term and short term loans. If you have already gotten yourself into debt we offer debt consolidation options that may be exactly what you require to free yourself from the debt trap.

Letsatsi Finance & Loan understands how hard it can be to manage your finances in a shaky economy and we want to help you so that you can learn to manage your money more efficiently and make your loan work in your favour.

Letsatsi Finance is a registered provider of micro finance with over 40 branches throughout South Africa. Our company operates online for added convenience this enables customers to obtain cash even more conveniently than ever before.

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Summary of Services

  • MICRO Loans 
  • INSTANT Cash Loans 
  • BAD Credit Loans
  • PAYDAY Loans

Letsatsi Finance's payday loans can help you cover emergency expenses

Use one of our loans to pay your bills, your children's school fees or pay for the repair of your car or any other cash emergencies.

We provide approval within 1 hour and run same-day payouts. Often things do not turn out as planned and you have extra expenses that you may not have budgeted for. In this situation, you can use one of our loans to help you.

Excellent customer service experience

We know what you need from a loan as we have been in the business for over 17 years during this time we have learnt a lot and adapted our products to serve your needs more efficiently. The Letsatsi Finance payday loans enable you to borrow up to R8,000 as this is a payday loan the full loan amount will need to be repaid by your next pay date ion your pay cycle.

This is a short period of time so taking out a larger amount of money may pose considerable repayment difficulties. Only borrow as much money as you can afford to repay and don’t rely on loans if you can’t afford them.

The interest rates and fees of the Letsatsi Finance payday loans are comparable to what other lenders in the industry charge. They are certainly competitive and offer clients education as well as financial assistance.

Quick approval process and payout

You will know the outcome of your online application within an hour. If your loan application is approved, sign the loan agreement and once we have received it your cash will typically be wired to your account on the same day. This means that your money will be available in your account within 24 to 48 hours to receive your money.

Overall, this review concludes that the Letsatsi Finance payday loans are quite fast to get and convenient to use.

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Ph: 011 802 4073
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